12 April 2015

Inside Line: NASCAR 15 to be released in May

Inside Line is a blogging project for my COMM-326 Sports Journalism course

Just in case you were wondering when the next NASCAR video game would be coming out, we now have your answer: May 22, 2015, as reported by GameSpot. It will be the first release by DMi Games, who acquired the rights to the series from Eutechnyx back in January and will cost only $20 exclusively at GameStop as well as Xbox Live, PlayStation Network and Steam.
Now to be fair, this is not quite a whole new game (that is coming in 2016) but rather an update of last year's game, NASCAR '14. It will feature updated paint schemes for the 2015 NASCAR season, a career mode plus "enhanced online multiplayer and leagues."

Here's the game's trailer:

And here are some images from the gameplay:
In my humble opinion, it has been many years since the last great NASCAR video game, NASCAR 06: Total Team Control. That said, it is only fair to see if the folks over at DMi Games to see if they can turn the tide.

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