07 April 2015

Inside Line: Bill Goldberg to host pre-race ceremonies at Bristol

Inside Line is a blogging project for my COMM-326 Sports Journalism course

Bill Goldberg, one of the more popular professional wrestlers of his time and the only undefeated champ in the history of professional wrestling, will have a new role in the sport of NASCAR. He will serve as the pre-race host for the Food City 500 on April 19th at Bristol Motor Speedway.

Here's what he had to say in the press release.

"NASCAR is near and dear to my heart. Bristol is like no other track on the planet and the driver introductions are a special treat for the fans. I plan to pump up the party and have some fun with the drivers."
The driver introductions Goldberg speaks of are unique to Bristol. Ever since the 2009 Bristol 500, drivers have selected songs that would play on the loudspeaker as they were introduced, similar to how music plays when batters walk to the plate or a pitcher come in from the bullpen. Such songs that were selected for the August race at Bristol last year included Gangsta's Paradise (Alex Bowman), Tubthumping (Kasey Kahne) and Turn Down for What (Brad Keselowski).

In fact, have we ever found out why they don't do this at other tracks?

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