21 April 2015

2015 NBC Sunday Night Football Schedule

Sunday Night Football will return for a tenth season on NBC Sports with the NFL kickoff game on Thursday, September 10th in Foxborough. As with last year, the NFL will utilize flex scheduling to ensure the best game possible in primetime starting in Week 5 (although NBC can only flex out of two games before Week 10).

As the NFL schedule is out, let's take a look at the Sunday Night Football slate.

*Flex game
All games are at 8:30 Eastern and will be called by Al Michaels, Cris Collinsworth, Michele Tafoya.

Week 1 - Thursday, September 10th
Steelers vs. Patriots

September 13th
Giants vs. Cowboys

Week 2 - September 20th
Seahawks vs. Packers

Week 3 - September 27th
Broncos vs. Lions

Week 4 - October 4th
Cowboys vs. Saints

Week 5 - October 11th*
49ers vs. Giants

Week 6 - October 18th*
Patriots vs. Colts

Week 7 - October 25th*
Eagles vs. Panthers

Week 8 - November 1st*
Packers vs. Broncos

Week 9 - November 8th*
Eagles vs. Cowboys

Week 10 - November 15th*
Cardinals vs. Seahawks

Week 11 - November 22nd*
Bengals vs. Cardinals

Week 12 - Thanksgiving, November 26th
Bears vs. Packers

November 29th*
Patriots vs. Broncos

Week 13 - December 6th*
Colts vs. Steelers

Week 14 - December 13th*
Patriots vs. Texans

Week 15 - December 20th*
Cardinals vs. Eagles

Week 16 - December 27th*
Giants vs. Vikings

Week 17 - January 3rd*
Vikings vs. Packers

NFC Wild Card - January 10th
Seahawks vs. Vikings

NFC Divisional - Saturday, January 16th
Packers vs. Cardinals


  1. This will be NBC's first time airing a Sunday Night Football game in Detroit and ESPN has aired Sunday Night Games in Detriot but I don't know why NBC is not airing any Vikings or Rams games? The St. Louis Rams appeared on NBC Sunday Night Football only once which was the 2010 season.

    1. They should put the Jets at least one game, like the Pats Jets at Metlife or something.

  2. Will Dan Hicks or Tom Hammond be the backup announcers for Al Michaels

    1. NBC doesn't have a backup announcer since they don't have to cover multiple games in a week. However, Hicks has been the guy that had done the second WC game when they still had the two WC games and will also do the Pro Bowl. Hammond no longer does football.

  3. Why does NBC not air Wild Card doubleheaders anymore?

    1. where have you been????? -----> http://www.sportingnews.com/nfl/story/2014-12-28/nfl-playoff-schedule-2015-espn-nbc-fox-cbs ..... it's part of the "new" TV deals that the NFL signed in 2011 that kicked in last year

    2. Still I think it's ridiculous to have ESPN air a playoff game.

  4. New England vs Houston flexed to week 14 game.

    1. I know you mean that New England Patriots vs. Houston Texans has been promoted from the Sunday Afternoon's original schedule to Sunday Night prime-time.

  5. Cardinals vs Eagles got flexed into Sunday Night Football in Week 15.

  6. Depending on how the Giants do on Monday night, the Giants vs Vikings may flex to Sunday night in week 16.

  7. For week 17, nbc will host more precentage for Eagles at Giants if Eagles beat Redskins at week 16, or less percentage for Seahawks at Cardinals, not many possible for Vikings at Packers.

    1. NBC will air Vikings Packers in Week 17.

  8. I am against cross-flexing. Sunday Night Football on NBC/CNBC should've gotten a secondary announcing team. Mike "Doc" Emerick, Bart Oates, and Tiki Barber should've done some Sunday Night Football games when the main Sunday Night Football announcer Al Michaels, Cris Collinsworth, and Michelle Tafoya wasn't enough to cover these games during busier weeks of 2015 NFL season.

    1. You have no idea what you are talking about.

    2. Who, Mars? If Mars, yes. He makes stuff up all the time. Everything he says is nonsense.

    3. why haven't you BFLO ban Mars1234?????? He only does it doing for his for BS & his own laughs!!!!!!