05 April 2015

2015 MLB Awards Predictions

With the opening game of the 2015 MLB season kicking off tonight, with Opening Day being tomorrow, let's continue my 2015 MLB Preview with some predictions for the major hardware.

Season Predictions

NL MVP - Giancarlo Stanton, Miami Marlins
Unlike their counterpart in the American League, the MVP discussion in the Senior Circuit looks to be pretty wide open with a great number of guys in the mix. I like the young and supremely talented Stanton getting his first and what could be many MVP awards. If you click the link above, I have predicted the Marlins to get to the playoffs and the power of Stanton is going to be a big reason why. Could he crack 50 home runs?
Runner-Up - Anthony Rendon, Washington Nationals

AL MVP - Mike Trout, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
Trout probably should be gunning for his fourth MVP in his first four seasons but thanks to our good friend Miguel Cabrera, Trout is *only* going for his second MVP in a row. Let's be clear, Trout is the best player in baseball and until somebody blows him out of the water, or if he gets hurt, they may just have to name this award after him in a few years.
Runner-Up - Robinson Cano, Seattle Mariners

NL Cy Young - Clayton Kershaw, Los Angeles Dodgers
Similarly to Trout in the case above, this is clearly Kershaw's award to lose. Anybody that denies that this cat is the best pitcher in baseball either has their own homer favorite or is just a #hardballmongo. I think the key question will be if Kershaw can repeat as NL MVP (which as you already ready, I don't have happening).
Runner-Up - Stephen Strasburg, Washington Nationals

AL Cy Young - Felix Hernandez, Seattle Mariners
King Felix was the favorite for the Cy Young Award virtually all season long until Corey Kluber came out of nowhere to get the award even with Hernandez's best season since he won his first award in 2010. Considering how highly hyped this team is, there will be plenty of eyeballs on the Pacific Northwest and with another exceptional campaign, he will finally get his second award.
Runner-Up - Chris Sale, Chicago White Sox

NL Rookie of the Year - Kris Bryant, Chicago Cubs
Let's be honest, this whole conversation about Bryant not making the big club out of spring training is completely ridiculous. The rule, frankly, sucks in that it forces a team like the Cubs to keep an excellent player like Bryant down on the farm longer than he has to. We do know that Bryant will get to the team eventually and once he gets in the mix, he'll make a big impact for a Chicago club that should be in playoff contention.
Runner-Up - Jorge Soler, Chicago Cubs

AL Rookie of the Year - Steven Souza, Tampa Bay Rays
Souza, the top return the Rays received in the Wil Myers trade, looks to be one of the few highly regarded AL rookie that has a set stop in the lineup. Souza, who made that crazy catch to clinch Jordan Zimmerman's no-no, is older than the typical rookie at 26 but he looks like a solid 20-20 player that can get on-base for a club whose lineup looks week.
Runner-Up - Carlos Rodon, Chicago White Sox

NL Manager of the Year - Mike Redmond, Miami Marlins
Redmond has done a solid job since taking over after the Ozzie Guillen fiasco and the team's epic sell-off after their aggressive offseason before the 2012 season and now will expectations rising and the team improving, they look like a playoff club. In fact as I have the Marlins in the playoffs as noted earlier, I think that will push this award down to Little Havana.
Runner-Up - Mike Matheny, St. Louis Cardinals

AL Manager of the Year - Lloyd McClendon, Seattle Mariners
I never thought that I would see Lloyd McClendon being a Manager of the Year at any level, let alone MLB, but look where we are. In what should be a competitive AL West, I think the Mariners are looking like perhaps the finest team in the division, if not the entire league. In that case, I think he wins this award.
Runner-Up - Terry Francona, Cleveland Indians

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