05 March 2015

Rick Neuheisel is replacing Spencer Tillman in the CBS College Football studio

(Pac-12 Networks)
A media story that broke on Tuesday that may have gone a little under-the-radar was the announcement that Rick Neuheisel, former Colorado, Washington and California coach and Pac-12 Networks analyst, will be joining CBS Sports as a college football studio analyst this fall while also contributing to CBS Sports Network. This news came the same day as Spencer Tillman, who has been in the CBS Sports college football studio since 1998, tweeted that he would no longer be with CBS. Let's break it all down.

As for Tillman leaving CBS, a little more than a year after his former colleague Tim Brando left CBS, it does not an end of an era for CBS Sports's college football coverage as either him or Brando had been a part of that studio since 1998 (For what it's worth, the previous studio team for CBS was Jim Nantz, Craig James and Lou Holtz. Yikes). I have always thought that Tillman was always very solid in the studio and he would make a good fit as a game or studio analyst for either ESPN or Fox, where he would be reunited with Brando.

While Neuheisel with his extensive Pac-12 background seems like an odd fit being a studio analyst for a network whose coverage is of SEC football as well as some service academy contests, this is a great hire. Not many people may have seen Neuheisel in the Pac-12 Networks studio because virtually nobody has those channels, but he is a rising star. Considering how many of his contemporaries swim in hot takes (Mark May), troll fanbases (Mark May) or struggle to speak the English language (Lou Holtz), Neuheisel is a refreshing departure from that ilk as he combines both strong opinions with an easygoing wit without being over the top. And in regards to the lack of connections to the SEC, that never has seemed to hurt Tillman (Oklahoma), fellow studio analyst Brian Jones (Texas), or even lead game analyst Gary Danielson (Purdue).

Not to mention that Neuheisel brings some nice musical chops to the fold, as seen below:

With this now being notable considering his new employer:

While it is not confirmed who will be working with Neuheisel in the studio, should it be him, Jones and the very underrated Adam Zucker, that's a strong studio team. I guess college football season may not come soon enough.

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