05 March 2015

2015 West Coast Conference Tournament Predictions

One of a handful of conferences holding their tournaments and championships in the Las Vegas area will be the West Coast Conference. The WCC will hold their tournament at the Orleans just near the Strip and it will kick off this Friday evening. All eyes will be on Gonzaga as it appears that their hopes of getting a one seed in the NCAA Tournament in the wake of their home loss on Saturday to BYU were greatly weakened. Their best hopes now would be in winning the conference tournament this week, where they enter as both the top seed and the two-time defending champion. But could we see BYU pull another upset should they meet? Will someone steal a tournament bid?

If those are not good enough reasons to get you to follow the WCC Tournament this week, I don't know what is. Here are my predictions.

All games held at Orleans Arena in Paradise, NV

First Round - Friday, March 6th
8 San Francisco vs. 9 Pacific - BYUtv, 9:00
Pick: San Francisco

7 Santa Clara vs. 10 Loyola Marymount - BYUtv, 11:00
Pick: Santa Clara

Quarterfinals - Saturday, March 7th
1 Gonzaga vs. 8 San Francisco - ESPN2, 9:00
Pick: Gonzaga

4 Pepperdine vs. 5 San Diego - TWCSN/CSN California/Root Sports NW/BYUtv, 5:00
Pick: San Diego

2 BYU vs. 7 Santa Clara - ESPN2, 11:00
Pick: BYU

3 St. Mary's vs. 6 Portland - TWCSN/CSN California/Root Sports NW/BYUtv, 3:00
Pick: St. Mary's

Semifinals - Monday, March 9th
1 Gonzaga vs. 5 San Diego - ESPN, 9:00
Pick: Gonzaga

2 BYU vs. 3 St. Mary's - ESPN2, 9:30
The Gaels would have to show even more defensively than they already do to slow down a powerful BYU offense and I don't think that will happen.
Pick: BYU

Championship - Tuesday, March 10th
1 Gonzaga vs. 2 BYU - ESPN, 9:00
If anybody is going to give the Zags a run for their money, BYU really has the best chance. But I think that Gonzaga is gaming for revenge and will get a big win to win the conference.
Pick: Gonzaga

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