10 March 2015

2015 SEC Tournament Predictions

As the 2015 Southeastern Conference Tournament kicks off this Wednesday in the Music City, the only storyline that anybody cares about is Kentucky's drive to be the first undefeated team since Indiana in 1975-76. Given how the conference is not that deep, one would expect the Wildcats to run right through the tournament but you never know with these conference tournaments.

Here are my SEC Tournament predictions.

All games held at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville

First Round - Wednesday, March 11th
12 Mississippi State vs. 13 Auburn - SEC Network, 7:00
Pick: Auburn

11 South Carolina v. 14 Missouri - SEC Network, 9:30
Pick: South Carolina

Second Round - Thursday, March 12th
8 Florida vs. 9 Alabama - SEC Network, 1:00
Pick: Florida

5 Texas A&M vs. 13 Auburn - SEC Network, 3:30
Pick: Texas A&M

7 Vanderbilt vs. 10 Tennessee - SEC Network, 7:00
Pick: Tennessee

6 Ole Miss vs. 11 South Carolina - SEC Network, 9:30
Pick: Ole Miss

Quarterfinals - Friday, March 13th
1 Kentucky vs. 8 Florida - SEC Network, 1:00
Florida will make it interesting but it may take something biblical for Kentucky to lose here.
Pick: Kentucky

4 LSU vs. 5 Texas A&M - SEC Network, 3:30
A&M has already beaten LSU twice, can they do it a third time? I say yes.
Pick: Texas A&M

2 Arkansas vs. 10 Tennessee - SEC Network, 7:00
Pick: Arkansas

3 Georgia vs. 6 Ole Miss - SEC Network, 9:30
With how good this Ole Miss offense is, I feel like they can be capable of pulling the occasional upset. Like here.
Pick: Ole Miss

Semifinals - Saturday, March 14th
1 Kentucky vs. 5 Texas A&M - ESPN, 1:00
The one time these two played, the Aggies took the Wildcats to double overtime. However that was two months ago and thus I'll be surprised if that happens in this contest.
Pick: Kentucky

2 Arkansas vs. 6 Ole Miss - ESPN, 3:30
Ole Miss's offense will carry them this far but when they get to an offense just as good as their's, such as Arkansas's, their run will end.
Pick: Arkansas

Championship - Sunday, March 15th
1 Kentucky vs. 2 Arkansas - ESPN, 1:00
You know Arkansas will be game to end the undefeated talk, but they couldn't a couple of weeks ago and they will not do it on Sunday.
Pick: Kentucky

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