02 February 2015

The best commercials from Super Bowl XLIX

If you were not watching Super Bowl XLIX for the game itself, or if you weren't watching it for Katy Perry, then you were probably watching the game for the commercials. We all know that the commercials for the Super Bowl are a big deal and that's why NBC was charging $4.5 billion per 30-second spot. Which commercials were the best of the lot? Here's my list.

Worst Commercials

Mindy Kaling is usually tremendous and she brings it again, and the Matt Damon bit made it even better.

Danny Trejo and a little Steve Buscemi, you can't beat that.

Liam Neeson could make anything intimidating, quite frankly.

And Bryant Gumbel and Katie Couric are smart people, folks.

The sloth would have off-the-field issues, am I right?

Beer snobs are legitimately the worst. I'll always enjoy a Bud and the haters will always hate, hate, hate.

Favre makes another great tongue-in-cheek ad, and he'd certainly be a better client than Drama.

Pretty powerful.

An ad with a great message AND without dripping in sap. Good stuff.

One of the few "dad" ads that I actually did like.

What if I told you that I've never watched Breaking Bad.

Estella's Brilliant Bus is certainly better than the Ass Bus (little inside joke from Project: Graduation).

This commercial was so out of control, I can't even.

So ridiculous, I love it.

But we love the middle seat!

Dodge has made better Super Bowl ads in the past but I still enjoyed this. Old people are great.

I mean this ad really wasn't that great, but that dog though.

You know what I would do for Doritos? Yeah, me neither.

Might as well enjoy these ads because they suck all the emotion out of you.

I mean, they'd go for that for the lemon Skittle? Eh.

"Sorry, it's a boy." Now that's a great line.

Nothing says love like McDonald's. I guess.

I guess I need to drink Bud Light more often.

If anything, driving a Toyota really is a bold choice (I'm here all week).

For some reason I love these. Goats are great.

I did forget about Lindsey Lohan so there's that.

I'm not a big cruise guy by any stretch but the JFK quotes are a nice touch.

You know, I have always wondered why Victoria's Secret does the same thing virtually every year, but it does work (Again, here all week).

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