14 January 2015

2015 NFL Conference Championship Game Predictions

After a wild Divisional weekend, there are now only four teams left that still have their dreams of winning the Lombardi Trophy alive. It is down to the Packers and the Seahawks for the George Halas Trophy, and the Colts and the Patriots for the Lamar Hunt Trophy. Who will advance to Glendale for Super Bowl XLIX? Here are my picks.

Playoffs: 5-3
Green Bay Packers (12-4) vs. Seattle Seahawks (12-4) - Fox, 3:00
The last time these two played resulted in the Seahawks dominating the Packers in the season opener, hence why this game will be in Seattle instead of Green Bay. Seattle did have a little more of a scare than many thought against the Panthers before pulling away late while the Packers rebounded from a mediocre first half to survive the Cowboys after an awesome second half from Aaron Rodgers and the Dez Bryant catch that wasn't (I thought that was a catch but I see why the call was overturned and let's be frank, the rule is inane). As the Packers know, it is very tough to win at CenturyLink Field but they have got a shot if Rodgers's calf has healed (he did look more mobile in the second half against Dallas) and plays like he can. I think this will be a tight contest but ultimately the Seahawks are more complete of a club and they will advance to their second straight Super Bowl.
Seahawks 27 Packers 24

Indianapolis Colts (11-5) vs. New England Patriots (12-4) - CBS, 6:30
Well I sure nailed this prediction as I had Baltimore and Denver winning instead of New England and Indy. The Colts deserve a ton of credit for going into Denver and taking out the Broncos, who had a pretty disappointing showing and in particular Peyton Manning, but I think they are in for a tough task here. The Patriots were down early to the Ravens but they executed very well offensively and got the key stops to pull out the win and I think they are definitely the better club over Indianapolis, and particularly so in Foxborough. Bill Belichick and co. will advance to the Super Bowl
Patriots 31 Colts 21

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  1. Hi Ben
    I was amazed that Baltimore's defence didn't give Flacco greater support. In the end Flacco cocked it up with poor decisions but 31 points should have been sufficient. Andrew Luck was ok against Denver and the Broncos were even more dreadful than I anticipated (surely the back-up QB should have played if Manning was so immobile - at least he could have scrambled, which Peyton certainly couldn't). Indy deserve kudos for getting this far but I think this is as far as they will go. New England to win by 7 - 14 points.
    As for the NFC the Seahawks overwhelmed Carolina and won't be as generous to Rodgers as the Cowboys were. Let's hope the game isn't decided by an officiating goof. Seattle should eke it out by 3 - 7 points.
    As a Dolphins' fan I am waiting to see if our passing D is renovated in the draft.