09 November 2014

2014 NFL on Fox Announcers & Distribution: Week 11

Buck in 1997 (YouTube)
Fox will have the doubleheader this Sunday with a sextet of games on the docket. In the early window, you have got 49ers-Giants, Falcons-Panthers, Buccaneers-Washington and Seahawks-Chiefs. In the national window, the games are Lions-Cardinals and Eagles-Packers. Continue reading for distribution splits and announcing assignment for the NFL on Fox this week.

NFL on Fox Schedule
The506 Distribution Maps


Kenny Albert, Daryl Johnston, Tony Siragusa

Kevin Burkhardt, John Lynch, Pam Oliver
KBFX - Bakersfield, CA
KCVU - Chico, CA
KBVU - Eureka, CA
KMPH - Fresno, CA
KTTV - Los Angeles, CA
KCBA - Monterey, CA
KTVU - Oakland, CA
KTXL - Sacramento, CA
KKFX - Santa Barbara, CA
WTIC - Hartford, CT
WSVN - Miami, FL
WFLX - West Palm Beach, FL
WFVX - Bangor, ME
WPFO - Portland, ME
WAGM - Presque Isle, ME
WGGB-DT - Springfield, MA
WXXV - Biloxi, MS
WABG - Greenville, MS
WHPM - Hattiesburg, MS
WDBD - Jackson, MS
WGBC - Meridian, MS
WLOV - Tupelo, MS
KRXI - Reno, NV
WXXA - Albany, NY
WICZ - Binghamton, NY
WUTV - Buffalo, NY
WYDC - Elmira, NY
WNYW - New York, NY
WUHF - Rochester, NY
WSYT - Syracuse, NY
WFXV - Utica, NY
WNYF - Watertown, NY
WYFX - Youngstown, OH
WTXF - Philadelphia, PA
WOLF - Scranton, PA
WNAC - Providence, RI
WHBQ - Memphis, TN
WFFF - Burlington, VT

Dick Stockton, Kirk Morrison, Kristina Pink
WTTG - Washington, DC
WFTX - Fort Myers, FL
WOGX - Ocala, FL
WOFL - Orlando, FL
WPGX - Panama City, FL
WTVT - Tampa, FL
WBFF - Baltimore, MD
WBOC-DT - Salisbury, MD
WAHU - Charlottesville, VA
WHSV-DT - Harrisonburg, VA
WRLH - Richmond, VA
WFXR - Roanoke, VA
WVBT - Virginia Beach, VA

Thom Brennaman, David Diehl, Laura Okmin
WBRC - Birmingham, AL
WDFX - Dothan, AL
WZDK - Huntsville, AL
WALA - Mobile, AL
WCOV - Montgomery, AL
WAWS - Jacksonville, FL
WLTH - Tallahassee, FL
WFXL - Albany, GA
WAGA - Atlanta, GA
WFXG - Augusta, GA
WXTX - Columbus, GA
WGXA - Macon, GA
WTGS - Savannah, GA
WBKO-DT - Bowling Green, KY
KARD - Monroe, LA
KMSS - Shreveport, LA
WJZY - Charlotte, NC
WGHP - High Point, NC
WFXI - Greenville, NC
WRAZ - Raleigh, NC
WDFX - Wilmington, NC
WTAT - Charleston, SC
WACH - Columbia, SC
WHNS - Greenville, SC
WFXB - Myrtle Beach, SC
WDSI - Chattanooga, TN
WEMT - Greeneville, TN
WTNZ - Knoxville, TN

Joe Buck, Troy Aikman, Erin Andrews

Chris Myers, Ronde Barber, Jennifer Hale
KSAZ - Phoenix, AZ
KMSB - Tucson, AZ
KECY - Yuma, AZ
KBFX - Bakersfield, CA
KBVU - Eureka, CA
KMPH - Fresno, CA
KCBA - Monterey, CA
KTVU - Oakland, CA
KTXL - Sacramento, CA
KNIN - Boise, ID
KFXP - Pocatello, ID
KXTF - Twin Falls, ID
WSJV - South Bend, IN
KFJX - Pittsburg, KS
WBKB-DT2 - Alpena, MI
WFQX - Cadillac, MI
WJBK - Detroit, MI
WSMH - Flint, MI
WXMI - Grand Rapids, MI
WSYM - Lansing, MI
KWYB-DT2 - Butte, MT
KFBB-DT2 - Great Falls, MT
KHBB-DT2 - Helena, MT
KTMF-DT2 - Missoula, MT
KRXI - Reno, NV
WUPW - Toledo, OH
KFXO - Bend, OR
KMVU - Medford, OR
KPTV - Portland, OR
KFFX - Kennewick, WA
KCPQ - Seattle, WA
KAYU - Spokane, WA

H/T JP of The506


  1. Should have thought Buck and Aikman would be in Arizona given the two teams' records and send Myers and Barber to Green Bay. Burkhardt and Lynch ought to be at the Sea-KC match-up given the Seahawks are still Superbowl Champs and both they and KC have better records than SF-NYG.

  2. Burkhardt has done 3 straight SF games

  3. Thats nothing compared to the amount of Jacksonville games CBS give Steve Tasker!!

  4. Buck & Aikman will be at Lions-Patriots week 12 for sure. Also thought they would be at Det-AZ game this week but understand GB-Phil probably has more National interest.

  5. Myers is turning into the AZ announcer seeing he did PHI at AZ and STL at AZ in the past 3 weeks.

    1. It's another NFC West team that he has followed as he did a great number of Seahawk games a year ago.

  6. Apart from when the Hawks played Dallas and New York Fox has done an excellent job of ignoring the current Superbowl Champs. Were I a Fox affiliate I would be looking for the Det-Az game this Sunday. Should be a beauty...

  7. Not much love for the team with the best record- Arizona- not to mention all of the exciting 4th quarter drama in their games. Their game vs Philly got out to very few since it wasn't a FOX doubleheader week. Now involved in a match-up with a combined three losses in week 11 and still, not much respect. I get why Philly-GB gets the prime status, as nothing wrong with that match-up. But there is a line to be drawn- and it is annoying that without living in ither market, I get Giants-Niners instead of Chiefs-Seahawks. Forget proximity/market size- I don't need the subpar Giants game televised against a so-so Niners team when a far superior choice exists in that time slot.

    1. Update- I was partially wrong- curiously, the Boston market is carrying Chiefs-Hawks, not the lame Giants-Niners telecast: this despite that all the surrounding New England Fox affiliates are carrying the Giants game- no surprise when it comes to Hartford and Providence. But even the Portland, Maine market has the Giants game. Weird. But nevertheless, glad Hawks-Chiefs will be shown in Boston. Too much weight imo is given to proximity and divisional foes of the local team when those teams aren't competitive. Overall, I think FOX gets it a bit better than CBS- some of these selection of games on CBS Boston when there is no bearing relative to Patriots/1 pm blackouts are dumbfounding.

  8. B-Flo, are you sure about the Philadelphia market getting SEA-KC instead of SF-NYG?

    1. I was surprised too. The 506.com said the same thing. Usually when the Eagles aren't on at the same time on FOX at 1PM, I thought regionally the next option would be the Giants game. TB/WSH would be an option, but as far as matchups, they both suck. But as far as good matchups, SEA/KC might be a good game with two pretty decent teams. We'll have to see if there are any changes between now and Sunday. But I was surprised too to see SEA/KC in the Philly market.

    2. I haven't updated the listings since the listings have changed indicating that Seattle-Kansas City will be the lead game at 1. I will update it as such when I get an opportunity but until then, I'll defer to the maps at The506.

    3. I've updated the listings a few moments ago.

    4. Judging by the maps Fox finally saw sense and prioritized the Hawks-Chiefs match-up. Too bad Burkhardt isn't calling it as I'm not a huge fan of Albert, Moose and Goose.

  9. you can always watch with no sound ;-)