06 October 2014

Greg Anthony, Grant Hill and Chris Webber to replace Steve Kerr on TNT

Amid the news of a massive new TV rights deal for the NBA (more on that later), we also finally have the answer as to who will replace Steve Kerr as the lead analyst on TNT after Kerr left to become the head coach of the Golden State Warriors. Well now, thanks to the reporting of Richard Deitsch, we now have an answer: a rotation of Greg Anthony, Grant Hill and Chris Webber.

Here's what Turner Sports senior vice president Craig Barry told Deitsch:
"We have a really deep talent roster and we plan to dig into it and use everybody. We are in a unique position to be able to work through a rotation with A-grade talent. We are looking at it from a perspective that each guy brings something to the table."
I think TNT is making an interesting move and one that makes sense. Clearly TNT did not have one analyst in mind of a likely replacement for Kerr but this way they can mix and match analysts with Marv Albert and see who works best. Barry told Deitsch that he doesn't view this as an open competition but he also added that:
"Now if three months into the season we feel like there is a great chemistry forming with one team...we will definitely look at it. But we also will leave the door open for players and coaches next year that might want an opportunity."
As for the analysts in this rotation, I like all three. Anthony has his detractors, and he will utilize some cliches from time-to-time, but I've always liked his work way back to when he was at ESPN. I really like Webber in both the studio and on game action and he was the guy I hoped that TNT would go with. Hill is a bit of a mystery considering he has never done game action before, he has done NBA TV studio stuff and co-hosted the return of Inside Stuff since retiring a year ago, but I think with his intellect, he can do well.

Wondering what is up with Reggie Miller? Well he is still in the mix as he will continue to work with Kevin Harlan and will occasionally work with Albert. Of course, one has to wonder what Turner thinks of him if they weren't interested to put him in the mix for the lead crew. You guys know how I feel about Miller and that's that.

And for Charles Barkley, he will also do some games with Albert and Harlan as he has the last couple of years.

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