19 October 2014

2014 World Series Predictions

I'd like to find the folks that predicted this World Series matchup. The Kansas City Royals have put together one of the more surprising and dominant runs to this point after rallying to win the Wild Card game, then sweeping the two best teams by record in the American League, Anaheim and Baltimore. The San Francisco Giants have rekindled some of their even year magic, even with a team that is certainly not as good as those 2010 and 2012 clubs, and took out the Nats and Cardinals in two tight series. It's the first World Series matchup of Wild Card teams since 2002, and the first matchup of teams with less than 90 wins ever; who will win the Commissioner's Trophy?

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So how have the Royals, who only haven't gone to the postseason in nearly 30 years, been able to get here? Their starting pitching, which was good but not great in the regular season, has kept them in games, their strong bullpen has been stout and their offense, which struggled to produce all season, has come up with timely hit after timely hit. Oh, and bunt for October certainly hasn't hurt.

The Giants have lacked the deep pitching that propelled them to the 2010 and 2012 crowns but it has come through when they have needed it, particularly with regards to ace Madison Bumgarner. Their offense wasn't spectacular this season but like their counterparts in Kansas City, they have been clutch with the bat when they have needed to be.

And so what a series we have. This has been a very tough World Series for me to pick as I can find plenty of legitimate reasons to pick either club, and as I think these clubs are relatively even. But I have to go by the slightest of edges with the Giants and it comes down to the managerial position. Ned Yost has gotten away with a whole lot of questionable managerial decisions, and Bruce Bochy may just be the best manager in baseball. In such a tight series, the manager can make the difference.

Giants in 7

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