10 October 2014

2014 MLB Postseason: LCS Predictions

After a Division Series round that featured its fair share of surprising finishes (I only went 0-4), we now have two teams still gunning for that elusive, for some, Commissioner's Trophy. Who will advance to the World Series? Here are my predictions.

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Even if you are a sworn enemy of either club, you have to admit it is pretty cool to see a matchup of these two in the ALCS. And I think it will be a fun series, particularly after both were able to sweep their ALDS opposition. It is pretty wild to see the Royals utilize the small ball (although they finally got some power against the Angels), and get this far with the managerial exploits of Ned Yost. That said, I like the O's. Baltimore has got the stronger lineup and what may be key is how tough to run on much of the Baltimore pitching staff.
Orioles in 6

The Giants always seem to come out of the woodwork every even year, but this year with this team, without much of the pitching that has defined the 2010 and 2012 clubs, would be truly impressive. The Cardinals are now in their fourth straight NLCS, and not even their "fans" could make anybody take that away from them. Frisco toppled a team thought by many, like me, to be the best team in baseball while the Cards were able to get by Clayton Kershaw not once but twice! So all in all, a tough series to pick. The lazy pick (something I've made my fair share of) would be to take San Francisco due to the even year factor but I'm liking St. Louis. Their offense lacks power but they have some patience and they don't strike out, which I think will be key.
Cardinals in 7

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