06 August 2014

2014 NFL on Fox Announcers

The people have been waiting and now we can give the people what they want. As first reported by Matt Yoder of Awful Announcing, the commentator crews for the NFL on Fox for 2014 are now out and while familiar do return, we all also have some surprises. Let's take a look.

NFL on Fox Schedule

1. Joe Buck, Troy Aikman, Erin Andrews
2. Kevin Burkhardt, John Lynch, Pam Oliver
3. Chris Myers, Ronde Barber, Jennifer Hale
4. Thom Brennaman, David Diehl, Laura Okmin
5. Kenny Albert, Daryl Johnston, Tony Siragusa
6. Dick Stockton, Donovan McNabb or Kirk Morrison or Brady Quinn, Kristina Pink

Other broadcasters include play-by-play announcers Mike Goldberg, Gus Johnson, Justin Kutcher and Sam Rosen, analysts Brendon Ayanbadejo and Charles Davis, and sideline reporter Peter Schrager. Brennaman will fill in for Buck when Buck will be doing the MLB Postseason and Kutcher will fill in for Brennaman.

As I can imagine, there are a lot of raised eyebrows over the above crews so I will try to address all of them right now.

Yes, Chris Myers is on the third or C crew and Kenny Albert, who did playoff games only a few years ago, is on the fifth or E crew, theoretically speaking. I say theoretically speaking because as I have said before, Fox is very fluid with their announcing crews unlike CBS, meaning that that theoretical third crew will not always do the third most distributed game. There were at least a couple of times where Myers, on the nominal fifth crew last year with Tim Ryan, who left to work as an analyst for the 49ers on radio, did a lead early game in a doubleheader.

What is up with the Dick Stockton crew? Generally we don't see a network list a rotating crew all that often but it looks like Fox may have had some issues finding a partner in the wake of whatever was going on with Mike Shanahan so they decided to go with a crowd. Fox seems to like McNabb a lot hence his high-profile positions on Fox Sports Live and now on Fox NFL Kickoff, FS1's pregame show, but I can't understand why as he is awful and I fear for anybody that would have to watch him and Stockton work games together. Morrison has been solid when I have seen him on FS1 but Quinn is the ultimate wild card as he is coming straight of playing to doing Fox College Football games and now some NFL action.

Yes, that Mike Goldberg is the same Mike Goldberg that is the voice of the UFC. Goldberg does have some experience calling football as he is the preseason TV voice of the Arizona Cardinals and he also has some NFL on Fox experience as he was a sideline reporter from 1999 to 2002. Even then, this came from way out of nowhere.

Should you have any questions, feel free to leave me a question below.

H/T Fox Sports, AA


  1. Why did Kenny moose and goose move down? They are very good!

  2. Kenny, Moose & Goose shouldn't have been demoted that far!!!

  3. I know that Pam Oliver is in her 20th and final season as a sideline reporter? Any idea why she will now be with the "B" team. I also notice that Molly McGrath is not on the list though she is very versatile with FS1. She did a great job with the "snow bowl" last year with DET/PHI.

  4. Kenny Albert demoted? Burkhart is up and coming. Would the possibility arise that he would ask to be released from his contract after this year to concentrate on The NHL on NBC and NBCSN which he does an excellent job. And with the Olympics in 2016 and he is versatile enough to do most sports and I know NBC likes him.

  5. I can't remember who worked with Thom Brennaman last year?

  6. Brian Billick lol awful

  7. "moose" and "goose" are terrible. Glad they've been demoted!

  8. But what about Kenny?

  9. Here are the 2014 NFL on FOX announcing revisions

    Joe Buck or Thom Brennaman/Troy Aikman/Erin Andrews or Charissa Thompson
    Kevin Burkhardt or Sam Rosen/John Lynch/Pam Oliver
    Kenny Albert/Daryl Johnston/Tony Siragusa
    Thom Brennaman/David Diehl/Laura Okmin
    Chris Myers/Ronde Barber/Jennifer Hale
    Dick Stockton/Brady Quinn/Kristina Pink
    Sam Rosen/Donovan McNabb/Kirk Morrison/Peter Schrager
    Gus Johnson/Brendon Ayanbadejo/Charles Davis/Molly McGrath