03 June 2014

2014 Stanley Cup Finals Predictions

If you are a hockey fan, it simply does not get any better than this: the Stanley Cup Finals. We started with 30 teams on October 1st and now we are down to two: the New York Rangers and the Los Angeles Kings. New York is going for their first Cup since 1994 and their fifth overall. Los Angeles is going for their first since 2012 and their second all time. Who will it be in this best of seven? Here are my predictions.

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Los Angeles Kings vs. New York Rangers
I would think that if you are the Rangers, you would have rather played the Blackhawks instead of the Kings. After all, the Blackhawks play the way the Rangers like to play, very fast with an aggressive offensive attack, instead of how the physical way the Kings play that are tremendous defensively. Plus, the Rangers would have had a bigger goalie edge against Chicago and Corey Crawford instead of what may be a push in net against Los Angeles and Jonathan Quick.

There is a reason why they call Henrik Lundqvist the "King," although he is no Elvis. It's because he can stand on his head all night long and get the Rangers the win. In fact, he is so good that he can swing this series to the Rangers. However, I like the Kings over the "King." Their defense can handle the Rangers' offensive attack, they have the speed to match up with their opponents as well and Quick can surely stand on his head as well.
Kings in 7

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