06 April 2014

Charles Barkley calls confused viewers "idiots" in glorious rant

So last night as the Final Four was on cable for the first time ever, Turner Sports experimented with what they called "Teamcasts." While the main broadcast was on TBS, TNT and truTV had separate broadcast crews that were focused on one of the teams. TNT had Florida and Kentucky while truTV had Connecticut and Wisconsin. This apparently confused people as you had viewers that apparently could not read a sizable TEAMCAST graphic at the top of the screen (as shown here) and thought that inherently one-sided announcers, particularly the absurd Kentucky crew, was the actual broadcast. This led to websites putting together lists and lists of these confused fans, and it also led to a fantastic rant from Mr. Charles Barkley. Let's go to the videotape.

That was awesome (not to mention classic Chuck). However, the problem was that Barkley made his rant on TBS, not on the Teamscasts themselves which had separate halftime productions. But as we have seen before, simple graphics can confuse the masses.


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