20 April 2014

2013-14 NBA Awards

The 2014 NBA Playoffs are underway as they kicked off this past Saturday. So as we are in the NBA second season, if you will, let's give out some hardware. Here are my awards for the 2013-14 NBA campaign.

Most Valuable Player - Kevin Durant, Oklahoma City Thunder
I said it three months ago and I'll say it again, to overtake LeBron James for this award, you will have to play out of your mind and even as James had another sensational season, there was one player that was even better and it was Durant. He eclipsed James in win shares and PER, he was brilliant offensively with or without Russell Westbrook en route to leading the league in scoring yet again, and he opened up a new part of his game by leading OKC in overall assists as a a career high 5.5 per game.
Runner-Up - LeBron James, Miami Heat

Rookie of the Year - Michael Carter-Williams, Philadelphia 76ers
Yes, Carter-Williams was the best player on a pitiful Philadelphia club but even with his poor shooting and his mediocre defense, he is still the winner amid a historically rookie class. He was the top rookie in scoring, rebounding and assists on a club where he was one of a couple competent NBA players. He is a flawed player and I think Victor Oladipo may be the better player down the road, but Carter-Williams was the best rookie this year.
Runner-Up - Victor Oladipo, Orlando Magic

Defensive Player of the Year - Joakim Noah, Chicago Bulls
Roy Hibbert could still get this award but I think his bad finish to the season as an excellent Indiana defense belly-flopped down the stretch, as well as Chicago's strong finish led by a brilliant season by Noah will get the latter the award. The Bulls were only a couple of ticks from being the finest in the league, but Noah also saw more minutes than Hibbert per-game and led him in defensive real plus-minus.
Runner-Up - Roy Hibbert, Indiana Pacers

Most Improved Player - Anthony Davis, New Orleans Hornets
It is a shame that the Hornets were mediocre on the whole this year as Davis made the leap to stardom as he was amazing in only his sophomore season. He averaged 21 and 10 this year, a jump from 13.5 and 8 in his rookie year, showcasing a quality jumper with his burgeoning post game as well as fantastic defense, leading the league in blocks. Nobody has had a higher PER in his second year than Anthony Davis now.
Runner-Up - Goran Dragic, Phoenix Suns

Sixth Man of the Year - Jamal Crawford, Los Angeles Clippers
This award features a deep field featuring Crawford, Manu Ginobili, Taj Gibson, Gerald Green, Markieff Morris and others. That said, I give a slight edge to the Clips' sixth man despite him being out the last couple of weeks. Crawford was once again a part of what was the best offense in the Association this year, and averaged a remarkable 18.6 points per game.
Runner-Up - Taj Gibson, Chicago Bulls

Coach of the Year - Gregg Popovich, San Antonio Spurs
Popovich with this award should be like LeBron James as MVP, you need to do brilliant work to outdo the brilliant work that he brings every year. And while Tom Thibodeau, Jeff Hornacek and Steve Clifford have done tremendous work this year, I think you still have to give the award to Pop. The Spurs' big three have continued to fight Father Time, the team got more strong play from their youngsters and they won more games than anybody else this year, the only to win more than 60 games.
Runner-Up - Tom Thibodeau, Chicago Bulls

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