26 March 2014

It is time for ESPN to put Bob Knight out to pasture

Bob Knight is still at ESPN, a point that still surprises me considering it appeared over a year ago that Knight was as good as gone from the network. But for some reason, ESPN re-signed him and he is still employed, albeit with a smaller profile that began with last season. That said, he still is a high-profile analyst for the network and thus continues to be utilized as such, and that is where the crux of this piece comes from. He was a guest on the Mike & Mike program on ESPN Radio yesterday and when asked about the "one and done" rule and its effect on readiness for college players in the NBA, Knight went on to say that it appears to him that the NBA has "raped" college basketball. Let's go to the audiotape.

Not only is that comment offensively and truly ridiculous, especially as new NBA commissioner Adam Silver has said that one of the top items on his agenda is to readress the "one and done" issue, it is also not the first time that Knight has gotten into hot water for use of the word rape. After all, Knight received a lot of criticism back in 1988 for telling NBC's Connie Chung this:
"I think if rape is inevitable, relax and enjoy it."
ESPN did release a short statement on this issue, and it's below
But here we go again with Knight and the different rules afforded to him by the network, a topic I have discussed at length before. How many other analysts could essentially get away with what Knight said, with ESPN simply shrugging their shoulders and saying they wish another word was said?

We all know that Knight has a reputation for using colorful language, but at some point ESPN is going to have to stomp their feet and make some noise and say enough is enough. This, however, does not appear to be that time, at least not yet.

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