23 March 2014

Greg Gumbel's botched interview with Archie Miller is hilarious

The Dayton Flyers, an 11th seed in the South region, is headed to the Sweet Sixteen after upsetting Ohio State on Thursday and Syracuse last night. Flyers coach Archie Miller appeared with the CBS/Turner studio crew earlier today for an interview with host Greg Gumbel, and did it end quite poorly. Let's go to the videotape.

Let's just recap what went wrong there. First, Gumbel says Miller will be joining his brother in the Sweet Sixteen (Miller's brother, Sean Miller, coaches Arizona, who has not made the Sweet Sixteen yet). Then right after that, Gumbel refers to Miller's brother, "Archie" when he is talking to Archie. Then excellent technical issues cut short the interview.

So all in all, I consider that a success.

H/T Awful Announcing

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