04 March 2014

2014 West Coast Conference Tournament Predictions

The first of many conference tournaments in Sin City, the West Coast Conference Tournament is always a fun one to watch but this one will be quite important. No team in guaranteed an at-large bid by any stretch from the WCC, meaning that for Gonzaga, BYU or anybody else, winning the conference tournament is all but a necessity at this point.

With that, here are my 2014 West Coast Conference Championship predictions.

First Round - March 6th
#10 Loyola Marymount vs. #7 Portland - BYUtv, 9:00
Pick: Portland

#9 Santa Clara vs. #8 Pacific - BYUtv, 11:30
Pick: Santa Clara

Quarterfinals - March 8th
#6 San Diego vs. 3 San Francisco - BYUtv, 3:00
Pick: San Francisco

#7 Portland vs. #2 BYU - BYUtv, 5:30
Pick: BYU

#9 Santa Clara vs. Gonzaga - ESPN2, 9:00
Pick: Gonzaga

#5 Pepperdine vs. #4 Saint Mary's - ESPN2, 11:30
Pick: Saint Mary's

Semifinals - March 10th
#3 San Francisco vs. #2 BYU - ESPN, 9:00
Pick: BYU

#4 Saint Mary's vs. #1 Gonzaga - ESPN2, 11:30
Pick: Gonzaga

Championship - March 11th
#2 BYU vs. #1 Gonzaga  - ESPN, 9:00
Both teams are on the bubble, so you know they really need this automatic bid. These teams are both in the top 16 offensively in the NCAA, so you know this will be a shootout. And I think in a shootout, I would give a slight edge to the Cougars.
Pick: BYU

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  1. The early quarterfinals need to be swapped. San Diego/ San Francisco is at 3 while BYU/ Portland vs. LMU is at 5:30 PM.