17 March 2014

2014 CollegeInsider.com Tournament Predictions

And if you cannot get an invite to the CBI, at least you can get invited to the CollegeInsider.com Tournament, which exists because well, why not? Created in 2009 to give some mid-major clubs a chance at a postseason tournament, the CIT kicks off tonight. Who will win the tournament this year? Here are my 2014 CIT predictions.

The CIT is unique because it is not seeded before the tournament as the matchups in future rounds are decided from the previous round. Therefore, I will try to update this as the rounds go on.

First Round
Holy Cross vs. Brown
Pick: Holy Cross

VMI vs. Canisius
Pick: Canisius

Norfolk State vs. Eastern Michigan
Pick: Eastern Michigan

Chattanooga vs. East Tennessee State
Pick: Chattanooga

Columbia vs. Valparaiso
Pick: Valparaiso

Alabama State vs. Sam Houston State
Pick: Sam Houston State

Portland State vs. San Diego
Pick: San Diego

Quinnipiac vs. Yale
Pick: Quinnipiac

Towson vs. USC Upstate
Pick: Towson

Cleveland State vs. Ohio
Pick: Ohio

Akron vs. IPFW
Pick: Akron

Murray State vs. Missouri State
Pick: Missouri State

North Dakota vs. Nebraska-Omaha
Pick: Nebraska-Omaha

Texas A&M Corpus Christi vs. Northern Colorado
Pick: Northern Colorado

Pacific vs. Grand Canyon
Pick: Pacific

Second Round
Towson vs. East Tennessee State 
Pick: Towson

Pick: IPFW

Wright State vs. Ohio
Pick: Ohio

Yale vs. Holy Cross
Pick: Holy Cross

Eastern Michigan vs. Columbia
Pick: Eastern Michigan

San Diego vs. Sam Houston State 
Pick: Sam Houston State

Texas A&M-Corpus Christi vs. Pacific
Pick: Texas A&M-Corpus Christi

Nebraska-Omaha vs. Murray State
Pick: Murray State

Yale vs. Columbia
Pick: Columbia

VMI vs. Ohio
Pick: Ohio

San Diego vs. Pacific
Pick: San Diego

Towson vs. Murray State
Pick: Murray State

Yale vs. VMI
Pick: Yale

Pacific vs. Murray State
Pick: Murray State

Yale vs. Murray State
Pick: Murray State

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