17 March 2014

2014 CBI Predictions

Well if you do not get invited to the NIT, at least you can get an invite to the College Basketball Invitational. The CBI has been around since 2007 and gives those teams that did not get into either of the top two postseason tournaments the chance to play in the postseason. And after all, we do love tournaments.

Without further more, here are my predictions for the 2014 CBI.

First Round
Stony Brook vs. Siena
Pick: Stony Brook

Hampton vs. Penn State
Pick: Penn State

Wyoming vs. Texas A&M
Pick: Texas A&M

Morehead State vs. Illinois State
Pick: Illinois State

South Dakota State vs. Old Dominion
Pick: South Dakota State

Princeton vs. Tulane
Pick: Princeton

Radford vs. Oregon State
Pick: Oregon State

Fresno State vs. UTEP
Pick: UTEP

Stony Brook vs. Penn State
Pick: Stony Brook

Texas A&M vs. Illinois State
Pick: Texas A&M

South Dakota State vs. Princeton
Pick: South Dakota State

Oregon State vs. UTEP
Pick: UTEP

Stony Brook vs. Texas A&M
Pick: Stony Brook

South Dakota State vs. UTEP
Pick: UTEP

Championship (best of three)
Stony Brook vs. UTEP
Pick: Stony Brook in 3

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