05 March 2014

2014 CAA Tournament Predictions

The 2014 Colonial Athletic Association Tournament, starting this Friday, will be held in Baltimore this year, and that is a big deal. The reason why it is a big deal is that it is the first ever tournament held outside of the commonwealth of Virginia, so how about that. And I just noticed the crap in the tournament logo above, so everybody wins.

Here are my 2014 CAA Championship predictions.

First Round - March 7th
#9 UNC Wilmington vs. #8 Hofstra - CAA.TV, 7:00
Pick: Hofstra

Quarterfinals - March 8th
#8 Hofstra vs. #1 Delaware - Comcast SportsNet, 12:00
Pick: Delaware

#5 Northeastern vs. #4 Drexel - Comcast SportsNet, 2:30
Pick: Drexel

#7 James Madison vs. #2 Towson - Comcast SportsNet, 6:00
Pick: Towson

#6 Charleston vs. #3 William & Mary - Comcast SportsNet, 8:30
Pick: Charleston

Semifinals - March 9th
#4 Drexel vs. #1 Delaware - NBCSN, 2:30
Pick: Delaware

#6 Charleston vs. #2 Towson - NBCSN, 5:00
Pick: Towson

Championship - March 10th
#2 Towson vs. #1 Delaware  - NBCSN, 7:00
This should be fun, the explosive offense of the Blue Hens against the solid defense of the Tigers. But as the Blue Hens are so bad defensively, they will allow Towson to stick around and thus will suffer as a result. 
Pick: Towson

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