11 March 2014

2014 Big Ten Tournament Predictions

The Big Ten, America's favorite conference (and by favorite, I mean the opposite) kicks off their conference tournament this Thursday in Indianapolis. Considering this conference has essentially cannibalized itself this year in conference play, we can just about project anything this week.

And with that, enjoy my 2014 Big Ten Tournament predictions.

First Round - March 13th
#9 Illinois vs. #8 Indiana - BTN, 12:00
Pick: Indiana

#12 Purdue vs. #5 Ohio State - BTN, 2:30
Pick: Ohio State

#10 Penn State vs. #7 Minnesota - ESPN2, 6:30
Pick: Minnesota

#11 Northwestern vs. #6 Iowa - ESPN2, 9:00
Pick: Northwestern

Quarterfinals - March 14th
#8 Indiana vs. #1 Michigan - ESPN, 12:00
Don't sleep on the Hoosiers this tournament. 
Pick: Indiana

#5 Ohio State vs. #4 Nebraska - ESPN, 2:30
I think the Buckeyes regained their confidence by beating the Spartans on Sunday and can push the action in this tournament. 
Pick: Ohio State

#7 Minnesota vs. #2 Wisconsin - BTN, 6:30
Pick: Wisconsin

#11 Northwestern vs. #3 Michigan State - BTN, 9:00
Pick: Michigan State

Semifinals - March 15th
#8 Indiana vs. #4 Ohio State - CBS, 1:40
Like I said, the nature of this conference is for some upsets action, and I think the Hoosiers are better than people think.
Pick: Indiana

#3 Michigan State vs. #2 Wisconsin - CBS, 4:00
This is a tough one for me to pick, but I do think that Sparty is more balanced that the Badgers and better offensively. I'll take them by a hair. 
Pick: Michigan State

Championship - March 16th
#8 Indiana vs. #3 Michigan State - CBS, 3:30
I do think Indiana can win this whole tournament, but I do think they will run out of gas by the final. And I think the Spartans are overrated, so there's that. 
Pick: Michigan State

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