03 February 2014

The worst Super Bowl XLVIII commercials

The rate for a 30-second commercial in Super Bowl XLVIII was four million dollars. That's a pretty nice chunk of change, but for the most watched program all time, it may have been worth it. Of course, some Super Bowl commercials are fantastic, some are atrocious. Here is my annual post "celebrating" the worst Super Bowl ads from last night.

They are in the order of when they appeared (or as close as possible).

I was hyped for this thanks to those insane teaser ads they released, but it was such a disappointment. Now if it were the real Ian Rapoport...

Because nothing says underdog like Maserati.

America got conned here.

Again, a disappointing misfire.

At least I may know what SquareSpace is.

Remember when Bud Light wanted us all to be excited for the ol' vortex? Me neither. Weak ad.

This was GoDaddy's best ad, and it was still awful. And I love John Turturro.

At least it's commendable.

I feel like we've seen this before.

This ain't Jared's Subway.

I get where they were going, but I wasn't along for the ride. That doesn't make sense, moving on.

Wait, what?

That was just wrong.

I wasn't buying the buzz when this came out, it wasn't a good ad. And still isn't. You had no idea what was being promoted.

It's a bear, I get it.


The Full House reunion could have been so much better than a lame joke.


GoDaddy needs to cease ads, forever.

H/T USA Today

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