03 February 2014

The best Super Bowl XLVIII commercials

The rate for a 30-second commercial in Super Bowl XLVIII was four million dollars. That's a pretty nice chunk of change, but for the most watched program all time, it may have been worth it. Of course, some Super Bowl commercials are fantastic, some are atrocious. Here is my annual post celebrating the best Super Bowl ads from last night.

They are in the order of when they appeared (or as close as possible).

This didn't get a lot of love but I enjoyed the ridiculousness. Maybe James Franco as Rob Riggle could replace Rob Riggle on Fox NFL Sunday?

The Doritos ads are usually a mixed bag (pun intended), but this was very funny.

Chevy is going a little over the top with their latest ad campaign (actually, pretty over the top), but it was effective.

Ellen DeGeneres dancing never fails.

Now if that were my dad, this would have been a classic. But alas, wait until next year.

I feel like three different things were promoted here, but U2 makes it work.

This may actually be my favorite ad, this was hilarious for somebody (like me) that loves 80's shenanigans. The cameos in this were epic.

Simple, and very well done. Boom.

The fact that it is for a good cause saved this from the worst post.

But it gets even better...

Totally insane, and brilliant.

I once met the real Rudy. And who doesn't love a slow clap?

These Tebow commercials were tremendous, you can't lie.

Completely absurd, and I loved it.

Seriously, whoever thought of the concept of putting together Terry Crews and the MUPPETS is a legend.

I don't see the uproar, English is not the only language spoke in America. Great ad.

Now this was cool.

Pepsi pushing the action. 

And I don't even like Seinfeld.

He does more than just win. This campaign is fantastic, and kudos to Tebow for mocking his situation. Bravo.

Larry Fishburne is the man, and not even the singing could change that.

Solid ad, but are the glass bottles really better than the plastic? They do have more character, I'll give you that.

Kinda weird, but I was feeling it.

Well done, Bud.

Chrysler does it again, even as Dylan looks awful.

Aswaubenon! House of Pain! Lambeau Field! Excellent.

Let me tell you something about Ben Kingsley.

Very cool.

"I just love helping people." Indeed.

How could you not love this? Seriously though, awesome commercial.

I feel like I tried this when I was a youngeon.

We want Tebow! But this actually was a quality ad. 

H/T USA Today 

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