02 February 2014

Breaking down the 2014 Pro Football Hall of Fame class

(USA Today Sports)
With the Saturday before the Super Bowl comes a new Hall of Fame class for the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Those to be inducted this year are linebacker Derrick Brooks, tackle Walter Jones, wideout Andre Reed, defensive end Michael Strahan, defensive back Aeneas Williams as well as the senior committee inductees, punter Ray Gay and defensive end Claude Humphrey. Did the voters get it right?

As I said last week in my Hall of Fame ballot, Brooks, Jones and Strahan were locks to get into Canton this year. Everybody knew those guys were going to get in, regardless of the nonsense that Warren Sapp tried to say about Strahan, and they all were deserving and then some.

The senior committee guys were excellent choices as well. I have been a proponent that it was beyond time that a punter got into Hall and it has been apparent that Guy was going to be the guy (pun intended) to make history. I will say, though, that I think Guy has gotten a little overrated over the years, as you would have thought that he was such an elite punter and far and away better than his colleagues when that really was not the case, but even then the guy deserved to get a bust. Humphrey was an excellent choice as well, he was an elite pass rusher for some mediocre teams and all in the pre-sack era. By the way, why were sacks not an official statistic until 1982?

But now onto to what I considered to be surprising choices, the first being Reed. There is no question that Reed deserves to get into the Hall and that he has long been due, but that being said I find it hard to believe that he should go in before Tim Brown and Marvin Harrison, who I had on my ballot, when the latter two had much better numbers.

Williams is another guy that I was surprised that he got in this year but again, I thought he was a Hall of Famer without a doubt. But I did not see him getting in this year, and I would have thought that somebody like a Charles Haley, who I did not have on my ballot but someone who I think absolutely deserves to get in, would have gone in before him. However, Haley appears to be punished for not being a good guy by the writers, which is a shame, but I guess the way it is.

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