27 February 2014

2014 MLB on Fox Sports 1 Schedule

One of the big positives when Fox announced the new Fox Sports 1 that would help the network in its early days was that it gained the rights to MLB games with the new TV contract signed in September 2012. Now we have the first MLB schedule for Fox Sports 1, predominantly on Saturdays but with also games on some Tuesdays and Thursdays. FS1 will also have a nightly baseball highlights show called MLB Whiparound at 10 EST.

And some more big news is that the new lead Fox broadcast crew will be Joe Buck, Harold Reynolds and Tom Verducci, replacing Buck and Tim McCarver.  

Here's the 2014 FS1 MLB schedule, with announcers to be filled in all season long.

2014 MLB on Fox Schedule

Saturday, April 5th
Twins vs. Indians - 1:00 (Thom Brennaman, Eric Karros)
Giants vs. Dodgers - 4:00 (Joe Buck, Harold Reynolds, Tom Verducci, Ken Rosenthal, Erin Andrews)

Tuesday, April 8th 
Reds vs. Cardinals - 8:15 (Thom Brennaman, Eric Karros)

Saturday, April 12th 
Red Sox vs. Yankees - 1:00 (Kenny Albert, Tom Verducci, Ken Rosenthal)

Saturday, April 19th
Angels vs. Tigers - 1:00 (Kenny Albert, Tom Verducci, Ken Rosenthal)
Diamondbacks vs. Dodgers - 8:00 (Steve Berthiaume, Bob Brenly)

Saturday, April 26th 
Angels vs. Yankees - 1:00 (Kenny Albert, Tom Verducci, Ken Rosenthal)
Pirates vs. Cardinals - 4:00 (Justin Kutcher, C.J. Nitkowski)

Saturday, May 3rd
Cardinals vs. Cubs - 1:00 (Eric Collins, Preston Wilson)
Tigers vs. Royals - 7:00 (Justin Kutcher, Eric Karros)

Saturday, May 10th
Giants vs. Dodgers - 4:00 (Joe Buck, Tom Verducci, Ken Rosenthal)
Indians vs. Rays - 7:00 (Justin Kutcher, Brian Anderson)

Thursday, May 15th
Padres vs. Reds - 12:35 (Thom Brennaman, Eric Karros)

Saturday, May 17th
Pirates vs. Yankees - 4:00 (Matt Vasgersian, Tom Verducci, Ken Rosenthal)

Saturday, May 24th
Rangers vs. Tigers - 4:00 (Joe Buck, Harold Reynolds, Tom Verducci, Ken Rosenthal)

Saturday, May 31st
Braves vs. Marlins - 4:00 (Rich Waltz, C.J. Nitkowski)

Saturday, June 7th
Indians vs. Rangers - 4:00 (Justin Kutcher, Mark McLemore)

Saturday, June 14th
Twins vs. Tigers - 4:00 (Eric Collins, Jack Morris)

Saturday, June 21st 
Rangers vs. Angels - 10:00 (Justin Kutcher, Eric Karros)

Saturday, June 28th
Twins vs. Rangers - 4:00 (Justin Kutcher, Bert Blyleven)

Saturday, July 5th 
Diamondbacks vs. Braves - 4:00 (Justin Kutcher, C.J. Nitkowski)

Saturday, July 12th
Cardinals vs. Brewers - 4:00 (Brian Anderson, Gabe Kapler)

Saturday, July 19th
Dodgers vs. Cardinals - 4:00 (Kenny Albert, Eric Karros)
Indians vs. Tigers - 7:00 (Justin Kutcher, Mark DeRosa, Ken Rosenthal)

Saturday, July 26th 
Nationals vs. Reds - 4:00 (Kenny Albert, C.J. Nitkowski)
Indians vs. Royals - 7:00 (Justin Kutcher, Rex Hudler)

Tuesday, July 29th
Yankees vs. Rangers - 8:00 (Joe Buck, Tom Verducci)

Saturday, August 2nd
Yankees vs. Red Sox - 4:00 (Joe Buck, Harold Reynolds, Tom Verducci, Ken Rosenthal)

Saturday, August 9th 
Indians vs. Yankees - 1:00 (Kenny Albert, Eric Karros)
Cardinals vs. Orioles - 4:00 (Joe Davis, Billy Ripken, Ken Rosenthal)

Saturday, August 16th
Yankees vs. Rays - 4:00 (Joe Davis, C.J. Nitkowski)
Padres vs. Cardinals - 7:00 (Eric Collins, Mark Grant)

Saturday, August 23rd
Giants vs. Nationals - 4:00 (Kenny Albert, Eric Karros, Ken Rosenthal)
Braves vs. Reds - 7:00 (Thom Brennaman, Harold Reynolds, Tom Verducci)

Tuesday, August 26th
Twins vs. Royals - 8:10 (Steve Physioc, Bert Blyleven)

Saturday, August 30th
Reds vs. Pirates (Kenny Albert, Sean Casey, Ken Rosenthal)

Saturday, September 6th 
Royals vs. Yankees - 4:00 (Daron Sutton, Tom Verducci)

Saturday, September 13th 
Padres vs. Diamondbacks - 8:10 (Justin Kutcher, Mark Grant)

Saturday, September 20th
Cardinals vs. Reds - 7:00 (Kenny Albert, C.J. Nitkowski)

Saturday, September 27th
Pirates vs. Reds - 1:00 (Justin Kutcher, Tom Verducci, Ken Rosenthal)

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  1. Oh so Joe Buck really does have something against the Yankees or NY in general because he not doing the first Fox Redsox/Yankee game in which he should...

    1. I agree. That was very unusual.

    2. It was because he was getting married that weekend.

  2. Ben, Since Joe Buck did not broadcast the Yankees and Red Sox matchup, are they saying that he may announce the Angles and Yankees on April 26?

    1. Buck didn't do that game since he was getting married so I don't know when he will be doing games again.

    2. I think He would do Pirates/Cardinals because he is more of a St. Louis guy i believe...

  3. Since Joe Buck missed The Yankees when they faced the Red Sox and the Angels due to his marriage, will he broadcast the Yankees and Pirates on May 17?

  4. I wonder if Thom Brennaman would do any games if the Reds play. He's done this in the past.

    1. Brennaman always does a good chunk of the Fox games and he generally will do any Cincinnati Fox game, although not always.

    2. Because Brennaman does Reds games, he has also done Cincinnati Bengals games for NFL on Fox games.

  5. Ben, yankees.com says that Fox Sports 1 will be broadcasting the New York Yankees vs Tampa Bay Rays on August 16.

    1. Your welcome. I think the game you accidentally put there was supposed to be St. Louis Cardinals at Baltimore Orioles at 4:00 after the Indians vs Yankees on August 9th.

  6. You missed Saturday, August 30- Reds at Pirates