06 February 2014

2014 ESPN Sunday Night Baseball Schedule

I'm a little late to this, but this will be the 25th season of Sunday Night Baseball on ESPN. And with that, as Orel Hershiser has left to work Dodgers games for the upcoming SportsNet LA RSN, the ESPN booth will add a new member for the fourth straight year as Curt Schilling will join the broadcast (however, Schilling has been diagnosed with cancer and that has taken his focus for now) alongside the great Dan Shulman and John Kruk. Here's the schedule for 2014.

All telecasts are 8:00 Eastern on ESPN unless otherwise noted

March 30th
Dodgers vs. Padres

April 6th (ESPN2)
Giants vs. Dodgers

April 13th
Red Sox vs. Yankees

April 20th (7:00)
Orioles vs. Red Sox

April 27th
Angels vs. Yankees

May 4th
Cardinals vs. Cubs

May 11th
Cardinals vs. Pirates

May 18th
Tigers vs. Red Sox

May 25th
Cardinals vs. Reds

June 1st (ESPN2)
Pirates vs. Dodgers

June 8th
Red Sox vs. Tigers

June 15th
Angels vs. Braves

June 22nd
Rangers vs. Angels

June 29th
Red Sox vs. Yankees

July 6th
Rays vs. Tigers

July 13th
Yankees vs. Orioles

July 20th
Dodgers vs. Cardinals

July 27th
Dodgers vs. Giants

August 3rd
Yankees vs. Red Sox

August 10th
Nationals vs. Braves

August 17th
Athletics vs. Braves

August 24th
Angels vs. Athletics

August 31st (ESPN2)
Indians vs. Royals

September 7th
Giants vs. Tigers

September 14th
Yankees vs. Orioles

September 21st
Reds vs. Cardinals


  1. Why is it ALWAYS more NL than AL??? So far there are NO AL games that do not include Red Sox or Yankees and what is the fascination with Dodgers and Cardinals? Wouldn't it be nice to mix it up a little? I understand. ratings. But no one wants to see the same shit over and over again!! There are some exciting teams other than "the big four"

  2. What happened to June? It goes from May 25th to July 6th.

    1. Those games are TBA but since ESPN's press release did not have those dates, I forgot to put them in.

  3. June 15: Angels at Braves
    June 22: Rangers at Angels

  4. Ben, the Yankees are home today, it should be Red Sox vs. Yankees.

  5. How about Orioles vs. Blue Jays on September 28th