30 November 2013

Greatest ending ever? Watch Auburn stun Alabama on missed field goal return TD

I kid you not, this just may be the craziest ending to any college football game, let alone a huge rivalry with serious BCS implications. Top-ranked Alabama had a 14 point lead early on but allowed Auburn to hang around all game, with the latter tying the game at 28 with 44 seconds left. Alabama put themselves in a position to try a last second Hail Mary after a replay gave them one more second on the clock but they instead chose to try for a 57 yard field goal for the win. And the rest is history. Let's go to the videotape.

29 November 2013

Jason Kidd on intentionally spilling soda: "It's about trying to win"

The bright spots for the Brooklyn Nets, easily one of the biggest disappointments in the young NBA season, have been far and few between. The Nets' latest loss against the Lakers on Wednesday night dropped them to 4-11 and 12th in the Eastern Conference, but nobody is talking about the loss. Rather, the hot topic is this unusual moment featuring rookie coach Jason Kidd in which he all but tells Tyshawn Taylor to bump into him to spill his soda to all but buy him an extra timeout. Let's go to the videotape.

27 November 2013

2013 NFL Playoff Projections: Week 13

We have got five more weeks until the 2013 NFL Playoffs commences and the races for both the divisions and for the Wild Cards are about to really kick into high gear. Thanks to the good folks that bring us the Playoff Machine, here are my projections for Week 13 as to how the playoff picture will look.

26 November 2013

2013 NFL Predictions: Week 13

It simply would not be Thanksgiving without football. After all, if you had to pick between football and cranberry sauce, is that even a question? The NFL on Thanksgiving is as old as the league itself and football on Thanksgiving dates back to the Grant administration. So have a Happy Thanksgiving, enjoy some football, and enjoy my week 13 predictions.

24 November 2013

2013 NFL on Fox Announcers & Distribution: Week 13

When it's Thanksgiving, it's football and that means the Detroit Lions at 12:30. This Thursday Fox Sports has the 12:30 game with the Lions hosting their rivals, the Green Bay Packers. And then on Sunday, Fox has regional action with the early games being Cardinals-Eagles, Bears-Vikings and Buccaneers-Panthers and the late games are Falcons-Bills and Rams-49ers. Continue reading for announcers and distribution splits for the NFL on Fox for week 13.

2013 NFL on CBS Announcers & Distribution: Week 13

When it be Thanksgiving, that means football and that means the Dallas Cowboys and this Turkey Day, CBS has itself the Cowboys hosting the Oakland Raiders at 4:30. And then this Sunday, CBS has got the doubleheader. In the early window, the games are Dolphins-Jets, Patriots-Texans, Titans-Colts and Jaguars-Browns. In the national window, the games are Broncos-Chiefs and Bengals-Chargers. Continue reading for distribution splits and the announcing assignments that come alongside for the NFL on CBS in week 13.

2013-14 Bowl Projections: Week 13

And now the BCS picture has changed once again with a pair of upsets from this past Saturday. Oregon, back in the driver's seat in the Pac-12 North after Stanford fell to USC the previous week, got creamed by Arizona in Tucson 42-16, and Baylor, everyone's darling to this point, saw their national championship hopes dashed on the road in Stillwater as they lost to Oklahoma State, 49-17. We still have a couple of weeks to shake things up further, so just about nothing is set in stone. Here are my latest bowl projections for the 2013-14 cycle.

2013 College Football Predictions: Week 14

While we sit down this Thanksgiving weekend for some fine Turducken action, how about we add on a little college football action on top? For several conferences, this is the final week before the conference championship games and for the others, there is still much to be decided, and as we know, the computers are always watching. And yet again, we have got all eyes on the Iron Bowl which has an enormous amount at stake on Saturday. Here are my predictions for week 14.