27 September 2013

2013 MLB on Fox Announcers & Distribution: September 28th

We have arrived to the final weekend of the 2013 MLB regular season and there is still plenty to be decided and thus all three games on Fox Saturday Baseball have plenty of playoff implications. Pirates-Reds is not just help decide who will host the National League Wild Card game but to also allow both to try to overtake the Cardinals atop the N.L. Central. And both Tampa Bay (visiting Toronto) and Cleveland (visiting Minnesota) are trying to knock down Wild Card slots in the America League. Continue reading for announcing assignments and distribution splits.

23 September 2013

2013 NFL Predictions: Week 4

The only week four matchup of undefeated clubs will take place this week on Monday night in the Big Easy. The Saints being without a loss probably would not surprise anybody, but how about the Dolphins? They looked strong against Cleveland in the opener, held off the Colts the following week and in their home debut, a Ryan Tannehill touchdown pass to rookie tight end to Dion Sims lifted them past the Falcons. Who will head to 4-0? Here are my week four picks.

2013 MLB on TBS Postseason Announcers

You probably have not paid attention to TBS' regular season MLB coverage but you know that you will be tuned in as TBS broadcasts a solid chunk of the postseason, including exclusive coverage of the Wild Card games, near-exclusive coverage of the Divisional Series as well as the NLCS. Here are the announcers and the studio folks that will comprise TBS' crew.

22 September 2013

2013 NFL on Fox Announcers & Distribution: Week 4

Fox Sports has itself a pretty full slate with seven games in a doubleheader. In the early window, you've got Seahawks-Texans, Giants-Chiefs, Bears-Lions and Cardinals-Buccaneers. In the national window, a threesome of NFC East-AFC West matchups with Cowboys-Chargers, Eagles-Broncos and Redskins-Raiders. Continue reading for announcing assignments and distribution splits.

2013 NFL on CBS Announcers & Distribution: Week 4

The NFL on CBS is going to be doing a little bit of some London action this week as the Steelers and the Vikings will face off from Wembley on Sunday. CBS has a singleheader slate and that will be the lead game while others will get Bengals-Browns, Ravens-Bills, Colts-Jaguars or the late game Jets-Titans. Continue reading for announcing assignments and distribution splits.

Watch the Chargers put together possibly the greatest hook and ladder play ever

The hook and ladder play is a staple of last-ditch attempts to get in the end zone (albeit usually it is more a series of laterals rather than the play made famous by the Dolphins during the Epic in Miami against San Diego in 1982). The Chargers, after giving up a late touchdown pass from Jake Locker to Justin Hunter with just seconds remaining, tried to pull off a miracle of their own but it rather ended up being a hilarious fail. Let's go to the videotape. 

2013 College Football Predictions: Week 5

Quarterback Bo Wallace and the Rebels of Mississippi have looked very strong to kick off 2013 as they sit at 3-0 and look like a prime team to be a sleeper in the SEC. But they have themselves a monster of a match this week as they head down by the Black Warrior River to take on the top-ranked Alabama Crimson Tide. Texas A&M made their bones last year by upsetting the Tide on the road, can the Rebels do the same? Here are my week five picks.