09 August 2013

The U.S. Open is headed to Fox Sports

If you saw this one coming, I will buy you a house. Yes, Fox Sports has gotten quite aggressive over the past year and change as they are launching Fox Sports 1 in a week. But when it was announced that they won the television rights for the United States Golf Association, meaning the U.S. Amateur, the U.S. Women's Open, the U.S. Senior Open and last but not least the U.S. Open, it was shocking. Not as shocking as what happened in 1993 of course, but considering that Fox has done very little golf, with only a pair of exhibitions in the mid-1990's under their belt, this was up there with one of the bigger sports media surprises in recent memory. So what is there to make of this move and what does it mean for golf and for Fox Sports?

08 August 2013

2013 MLB on Fox: August 10th

Let's be honest here, not the best slate for Fox Saturday Baseball this week, although fortunately, a strong majority of the country will get by the far the best game, Rays-Dodgers. If you are not getting that game, you will either get Orioles-Giants or Twins-White Sox. Continue reading for announcing assignments and distribution splits.

06 August 2013

Peyton & Eli Manning rapping is pretty terrible

You know, I generally have enjoyed DirecTV's ads, and as a home subscriber to the satelite service, I consider myself to be a defender when jokers with cable rib on it. But there is no defense of their latest ad for their new feature of NFL Sunday Ticket on your tablet, computer or your phone. It features the Manning Brothers..."rapping?" Is that kids these days call it? Yeah it's brutal, let's go to the videotape.

05 August 2013

Why MLB made the right move in not banning Alex Rodriguez for life

Alex Rodriguez was bound for the record books, and those of which he entered today by being assessed the longest PED-related suspension ever, 211 games. That is the balance of the 2013 when it gos into effect on Thursday and all of next season, but Rodriguez will appeal said suspension and he is allowed to play in the meantime with a verdict not expected until November or December.

Rodriguez is not the only player to be suspended for his connection to Biogenesis and Anthony Bosch, 12 other players were suspended today as well as the Ryan Braun suspension a couple of weeks back, but he was the most high-profile of the bunch. His case was considered to be so serious that Major League Baseball was reportedly considering levying a lifetime ban. Fortunately, they chose not to.

2013 NFL on Fox Announcers

This upcoming NFL season will be the 20th for the NFL on Fox and now we have gotten a first look at the announcers that will be utilized. There are a number of changes made to the crews this year so let's take a look.