01 August 2013

2013 MLB on Fox: August 3rd

Some big time baseball will be featured on Fox Sports this Saturday with every game featuring at least one playoff club. The AL West leading Athletics will host the contending Rangers, the NL East leading Braves are visiting the Phillies and the NL West leading Dodgers are visiting the Cubs. Continue reading for announcing assignments and distribution splits for this week's slate.

31 July 2013

Breaking down the deals of the 2013 MLB trade deadline

It may have been a relatively quiet final day until the trade deadline at 4:00 EDT today but nevertheless, we saw some pieces move around Major League Baseball. Here's some of my insight on each of the deals that have been made.

30 July 2013

At the MLB trade deadline, who should buy, sell or hold?

In less than 24 hours, we will arrive at the MLB trade deadline and at that point, Wednesday at 4 p.m. Eastern, no trades can take place thereafter. Actually that's not true, trades can be made for another month through the waiver wire if players clear through waivers. And trades can even happen after that through the end of the season, but players involved in those deals cannot play in the postseason.

So before I drive away all interest in this post, here are the clubs that I think should buy or sell, or hold their position where they are.

28 July 2013

Why moving Madison Square Garden is a good thing for New York

On Wednesday, in a rare example of consensus, the New York City Council voted to give Madison Square Garden a ten-year operating permit, after which the arena would have to move. This decision was made as a result of the need to renovate Penn Station, which sits below the arena, and as the arena is an obstacle to said renovation, it appears that MSG may be on the move. Of course, in the closing stages of a $1 billion renovation, the folks running MSG are not going to go down without a fight on moving from their current location where it has been since 1968.

And count me on board with the City Council's decision.