18 July 2013

2013 MLB on FOX: July 20th

Fox Saturday Baseball is returning to its familiar afternoon slate this week with a trio of games hightlighted by their favorite matchup, the Pirates and the Reds. No that's not it, of course I am referring to the Yankees and the Red Sox, who will be the featured game this Saturday. Others will get the aforementioned Pirates-Reds bout or Braves-White Sox. Continue reading for announcing assignments and distribution splits for July 20th.

17 July 2013

Keith Olbermann is returning to ESPN after all

I thought it was something about there not being a river any more so you couldn't build a bridge or something of that nature that prevented the return of Keith Olbermann to ESPN. But, after speculation surrounding a dinner between Olbermann and ESPN President John Skipper back in March stoked the rumors of a potential reunion, the wheels were apparently greased just enough to result in what was once unthinkable. Tomorrow, ESPN is expected to announce that Olbermann will host a nightly, hour-long program on ESPN2 titled "Olbermann" starting August 26th. Here we go.

16 July 2013

Watch Harry Reid take an epic (and random) shot at USC

Before his attempts to invoke the "nuclear option" ended up being thwarted today in the Senate, Harry Reid took out the time to take a tremendous (and seemingly random) shot at USC and their very disappointing 2012. He really lays down the smack here after fielding a question from student of the university on Monday, let's go to the videotape.