13 July 2013

Was Baron Davis abducted by aliens?

You know some times when you are driving from Vegas to Los Angeles, weird stuff goes down. Especially, if you are Baron Davis who claimed in an interview on "The Champs" podcast that he was "actually abducted by aliens two weeks ago." Let's go to the audiotape.

10 July 2013

2013 MLB on Fox Announcers & Distribution: July 13th

This is the final week of Baseball Night in America on Fox this year and once again, we have got a quintet of baseball action this Saturday night for you. Most of the country will see Cardinals-Cubs while others will either see Tigers-Rangers, Rockies-Dodgers, Mets-Pirates, or Nationals-Marlins. Continue reading for announcing assignments and distribution splits.

09 July 2013

Why Yasiel Puig should be in the All-Star Game

One of the big storylines surrounding this year's MLB All-Star Game was whether Cuban sensation Yasiel Puig, who has taken the league by storm since making his major league debut five weeks ago, would make the National League club. Of course, he was not on the ballot, so his only chance was going to be through the "Final Vote" in which the fans can vote in the final player on the two rosters for next Tuesday's game through this Thursday. Yes, Freddie Freeman may have the lead on Puig as of right now in the voting, but it is clear, as least to this guy, that not only should Puig play in the game next week, we need him there.

07 July 2013

With Dwight Howard in town, how good are the Rockets?

My fellow Americans, our long national nightmare is over. Dwight Howard has decided to sign a four year, $88 million deal to join James Harden and the Rockets. Howard was the biggest prize of the free agent pool after Chris Paul re-signed with the Clippers as the Lakers, Rockets, Mavericks, Hawks and Warriors were all on the hunt for his services. Howard may have spurned on the more money and the bigger market the Lakers were able to give him in order to better chase a title with Houston. But are they a title club right now?