23 May 2013

2013 MLB on FOX Announcers & Distribution: May 25th

We now you have been waiting restlessly for its return and thus, I have some good news for you. Baseball Night in America returns this Saturday evening with a quintet of primetime action. Much of the country will see the Cardinals duking it out in Chavez Ravine with the Dodgers, while others will see Braves-Mets, Phillies-Nationals, Athletics-Astros and unfortunately, Marlins-White Sox. Continue reading for announcing assignments as well as distribution splits for this week.

22 May 2013

2013 NBA Mock Draft: 1st Edition

Nick Gilbert is one lucky charm. For the second time in the past three years, the son of Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert has served as the club's representative en route to the club winning the NBA Draft Lottery. Therefore, Cleveland, who had the third worst record in the league and thus the third highest odds of getting the first pick, will select first on June 27th. With that in mind as we know have the order for the draft, here is my first mock.

21 May 2013

Why New York City FC is a risk with potentially huge rewards for MLS

To most in the world, Major League Soccer is a joke. To many in this country, it is an afterthought. But while it has taken many steps for the league to gain respect, potentially none will be as important as today's announcement in the creation of New York City FC as a result of a collaboration of Manchester City and the New York Yankees. It is not a move without risk, but the rewards at play here are enormous.

19 May 2013

2013 NBA Playoffs: Conference Finals Predictions

Four teams are left in the 2013 NBA Playoffs: Miami and Indiana in the Eastern Conference, San Antonio and Memphis in the Western Conference. Which clubs will be meeting up in the NBA Finals? Here are the official B-FLO 360 predictions for the Conference Finals.