30 March 2013

2013 Elite Eight Predictions

We are one step away from Atlanta and the 2013 Final Four. Eight clubs remain. Who will survive and advance from the regional finals? Here are my picks for the Elite Eight.

28 March 2013

Thankfully, Doug Gottlieb is here to bring the give the "white man's perspective"

Not sure what Doug Gottlieb was going for here, because he failed. Earlier this evening in the CBS March Madness studio in New York, Gottlieb announced that he was there to "bring diversity to the set" and the "white man's perspective." Obviously he was trying for a joke, but it fell pretty flat I would say. Let's go to the videotape.

2013 NFL Mock Draft: 11th Edition

One of the more interesting topics considering the 2013 NFL Draft is where will the clear top quarterback in this class, Geno Smith, land? He seems to be a lock for the top ten, actually the top eight as there is no chance that the Bills let him slip, but will the Bills get a chance to take him? Will he go in the top five? I've got a new idea in my new mock, so let's take a look.

27 March 2013

With the streak over, why the Miami Heat are even more dangerous than before

The Miami Heat are now on a one-game losing streak. Have not been able to write that since the 1st of February as the Heat have been on a 27-game winning streak, but that came to an end tonight as the Bulls were able to wake up the offense for the first time since Bush's second term to put to rest those hopes of the team breaking the record of 33 straight that the 1971-72 Lakers set. But it is still the second longest in the history of major professional sports in North America, so there is that.

But here is the scary part for the rest of the NBA, now that the streak is over, the Heat are even more dangerous than they were before.

Who will replace the retiring Tim McCarver?

This will certainly come as a welcome development by many as this will be last season for Tim McCarver on the MLB on FOX coverage as he announced his retirement earlier today. Now while folks like myself think that McCarver has become a clown in recent years, many people do not know that McCarver used to be awesome in the booth, like John Madden in his prime. And nobody can deny the impressive career he has had when you look at the resume. And he is great in AutoTune.

But now, who will be the next lead analyst to work alongside Joe Buck for the World Series, the All-Star Game and Yankees games? Here are my thoughts.

26 March 2013

Why Shaka Smart is making the right move to stay at VCU

Shaka Smart, ever since he led Virginia Commonwealth to the Final Four from the First Four in 2011, has been one of the most sought-after coaches in the nation and he is at the top of almost every list for every vacancy. This year was no different as UCLA, which may be one of the top five prestigious jobs in the country, was reportedly gunning hard for Smart. However, Smart has elected to stay in Richmond and is working on a contract extension with VCU. Here is why he is making the right move.

2013 NCAA Tournament: Sweet Sixteen Predictions

There are sixteen team left on the road to the Final Four in Atlanta, including a few clubs that I don't think anybody saw coming. I mean, let's just be honest here, who in their right minds had Wichita State, La Salle and the biggest surprise of them all, #15 Florida Gulf Coast getting to the Sweet Sixteen? Don't lie to yourself, we know you didn't. Here are my predictions.

24 March 2013

We now know that Jim Larranaga is the greatest dancer ever

The Miami Hurricanes have been one of the bigger surprises in college hoops this season and after hanging on to defeat the Illinois Fighting Illini tonight to advance to the Sweet Sixteen in Washington, coach Jim Larranaga decided to celebrate in style. Note that this may be the greatest celebration ever (sorry, Tubby). Let's go to the videotape.

Watch Tyrone Garland's buzzer beater that sent La Salle to the Sweet Sixteen

There must be something to the whole playing in the First Four thing as La Salle, who won their First Four game on Wednesday night against Boise State, is now advancing to the Sweet Sixteen after taking out the Rebels of Ole Miss is what may have been considered an upset (although a 13 over a 12?) thanks to Tyrone Garland's layup before the buzzer. They will advance to take on the Shockers of Wichita State in Los Angeles on Thursday night. And to top it all off, the classic "YES" by Marv Albert. Let's go to the videotape.

2013 NCAA Tournament: 3rd Round Sunday Predictions

The "2nd" Round of the 2013 NCAA Tournament is in the books and now these teams have a chance to get to the Regional Semifinals, or the Sweet Sixteen as kids these days like to call it. Who will survive and advance? Here are my picks for the Sunday games of the 3rd Round.