02 February 2013

Allen, Carter, Culp, Ogden, Parcells, Robinson, Sapp elected to Pro Football Hall of Fame

Just minutes ago, the Pro Football Hall of Fame announced the Class of 2013 with seven to be enshrined in Canton in August. The list includes guard Larry Allen, wideout Cris Carter, nose tackle Curley Culp, tackle Jonathan Ogden, who is the first Raven to be enshrined in the Hall, head coach Bill Parcells, linebacker Dave Robinson and defensive tackle Warren Sapp. Culp and Robinson were nominated by the Seniors Committee. Meet the 2013 Class and read my reactions after the break.

Dikembe Mutombo's Geico commercial is amazing

Dikembe Mutombo is a treasure. After all, his finger wags after blocks are iconic. Plus, he also saved the world with friend of the blog, Science the Bear.

Keeping that in mind, Geico, in its current campaign that has featured some glorious bits, including this piece of television magic, made a glorious commercial with Mutombo and his famous move. Let's go to the videotape.

01 February 2013

Super Bowl XLVII Predictions

And here we are, the Super Bowl. Two teams are still fighting for the best trophy in all of sports, the Vince Lombardi Trophy. The Baltimore Ravens are going for their second Super Bowl championship and their first since demolishing the New York Giants in 2001. The San Francisco 49ers are looking to tie the Pittsburgh Steelers with the most Super Bowl victories with six and they are looking for their first championship since crushing the San Diego Chargers in 1995.

So who will be the ones hoisting the Lombardi Trophy, the Ravens or the 49ers? It's time for my Super Bowl XLVII predictions.

31 January 2013

My 2013 Pro Football Hall of Fame Ballot

It is every NFL player's dream to end up here, the Pro Football Hall of Fame in beautiful Canton, Ohio. The Class of 2013 will be inducted this Saturday, February 2nd, the day before the Super Bowl. Who would I induct this year?

2013 NFL Mock Draft: 4th Edition

While the Ravens and the 49ers prepare for Super Bowl XLVII down in the Big Easy, all thirty other teams have begun their journey to try to get to East Rutherford for Super Bowl XLVIII by diving deep into the draft process, which really kicked off this past week with the Senior Bowl. The Senior Bowl is one of the first great opportunities for prospects to showcase their talents and we have seen many players, like Central Michigan tackle Eric Fisher, raise their draft stock and we have seen many whose stock has dropped. How will that affect my fourth mock draft?

30 January 2013

Breaking down the three-team Rudy Gay trade

Yes, you
Finally, Bryan Colangelo gets his man. The President of the Toronto Raptors has made no bones about how much he has loved Rudy Gay since back to his days at Connecticut and tonight, he pulled the strings to get his man by pulling off a trade with the Grizzlies with the Pistons also in the mix. Toronto is sending Ed Davis and Jose Calderon to Memphis, who will then flip Calderon to Detroit for Tayshaun Prince and Austin Daye. The immortal Hamed Haddadi will also be sent north of the border as well where he will promptly be cut.

So let's break down the trade as I think there is one clear winner, one team that is generally happy and one team that really lost.

Watch the mayor of Denver rock the Ray Lewis dance

We see this often when NFL clubs go at it in the playoffs, but nothing quite like this. Denver mayor Michael Hancock made a bet with Baltimore mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake on the outcome of the Ravens-Broncos divisional matchup a few weeks. As we all know, Baltimore won and it cost the Denver mayor some rib-eye steaks. And he had to do the Ray Lewis dance. Let's go to the videotape.

How good is Joe Flacco?

How can you not love this?
Joe Flacco is universally considered to not be an elite NFL quarterback. His career quarterback rating is 86.3, nothing to sneeze at nor something to lose your lunch over. His career average of passing yards per game is 220.4, not that impressive in this day and age. He has a career completion percentage of 60.5 and has thrown around 20 touchdowns a year. And yet, he has helped to lead the Baltimore Ravens to New Orleans for Super Bowl XLVII. So how good is he?

Did Ray Lewis use deer-antler extract spray?

I can't think of many folks who thought that the key topic at the Super Bowl Media Day on Tuesday afternoon would be deer-antler velvet extract spray but alas, that was the hot topic today after a report by Sports Illustrated reported that Ray Lewis was the most notable client of a company known as Sports with Alternatives to Steroids, or S.W.A.T.S., after he tore his triceps in October and that he used the deer-antler spray, which contained a substance known as IGF-1, which is outlawed by the NFL.

28 January 2013

Don't overreact to Tiger Woods's win at Torrey Pines

It was not quite free golf but it did feel like it as Tiger Woods dominated the field of the 2013 Farmers Insurance Open at Torrey Pines to start off the season strong. When the final round commenced on Monday afternoon in La Jolla, Woods had a commanding lead and never came close to blowing a win, his seventh time winning this tournament and his eighth at this course, his first after winning this tournament four times in a row from 2005 to 2008. Woods now has 75 tournament victories in his career, seven behind the all-time leader, "Slammin' Sammy" Snead.

Many a person have proclaimed that Woods is fully back and ready to dominante as we are two months and change from the Masters. But I say, let's not overreact to this win.

Why so many people watch the Pro Bowl

Everybody knows that the Pro Bowl is consistently dreadful. And yet, we see it year in and year out. The biggest reason why the game is held is because so many people watch it. Just look at the overnight ratings for last night's game; a 7.7 rating with 12.5 million viewers, which won the night for NBC (which is precisely why the low-rated network took the game off the hands of CBS). But why do so many people watch a game that is so constantly derided?

Yes, there was a fan brawl at the Pro Bowl

Normally, I try to avoid writing about the Pro Bowl because it's crap but there are sometimes when it is neccessitated by some good action. And by good action, that means a brawl. Now, brawls are great if you are not in them and nobody gets severely hurt. As long as it is just some drunk guys who take themselves too seriously, what's wrong with that? The fact that this one got a little wild and happened right by the sidelines, with some shmoes going over the top, makes this some good video. Let's go to the videotape.

27 January 2013

What does Rajon Rondo's injury mean for the Celtics?

The worst fears for Doc Rivers and the Boston Celtics were realized earlier today when it turned out that in the Celtics' double-overtime loss to the Hawks on Friday night, Rajon Rondo tore the ACL in his right knee and will be out the rest of the season. Given the team has now lost six out of their last seven games, are barely hanging on to a playoff spot and are now losing their star for the season, what is next for Boston?