25 January 2013

2012-13 NBA Midseason Awards

We have arrived at around the halfway point in the 2012-13 NBA season and you know what, having a non-strike shortened season is not half bad (although I am all for shorter regular seasons). So let's dish out some midseason hardware, shall we?

24 January 2013

Breaking down the Justin Upton trade to Atlanta

How about that, we've got the Upton brothers together in one outfield. Now, it is not quite when the three Alou brothers lined up in the outfield on September 15, 1963 but still, it's damn cool. And it happened by the big trade of the day when the Arizona Diamondbacks shipped Justin Upton as well as Chris Johnson to Hotlanta in return for Martin Prado as well as some prospects in pitchers Randall Delgado and Zeke Spruill and infielders Nick Ahmed and Brandon Drury. Upton now teams with his brother B.J., who signed with the Braves in late November, in the same Turner Field outfield.

This is a tremendous trade for the Braves, a questionable one for the Diamondbacks and a dream for the Upton parental units.

Meet the New Orleans Pelicans

Almost two months ago there were reports that the New Orleans Hornets were planning on renaming themselves to something that identifies much more with the New Orleans community after Saints owner Tom Benson bought the club and the name that was reported was the "Pelicans." After all, the Pelican is a symbol of New Orleans and the state of Louisiana at large, which is the "Pelican State" and they were multiple variations of a Pelicans minor league team. Today, the league made the name change official and the Hornets will be known as the Pelicans starting next season. Some fantastic logos were released and you can check them out after the jump.

Check out the crazy Drezel half-court buzzer beater against Hofstra

If you love buzzer beaters, then I've got the one for you. With only 5.9 seconds left on the clock for the Drexel Dragons after Taran Buie of Hoftsra nailed his seventh threeball of the game, if the best shot you can get is from 50-feet, that's usually not a good sign. But don't tell that to junior guard Frantz Massenet. Let's go to the videotape.

2013 NFL Mock Draft: 3rd Edition

The 2013 Senior Bowl is underway this week down in the great town of Mobile and it is one of the first key pieces of the draft season. It is a chance for some of the elite prospects to solidify themselves as high picks come April and it is also a chance for some under-the-radar guys to build up their draft stock.

With all of that in mind, here is my third NFL mock draft.

23 January 2013

What should be done with the Los Angeles Lakers?

Yeah, things are not going so swell for Showtime. Widely thought to be one of the elite teams in the league this season after making trades for Steve Nash and Dwight Howard, the Los Angeles Lakers have been far and away the biggest disappointment in the league as they sit at 17-24 and four games out of the playoffs. They have already made one coaching change, dumping Mike Brown after only five games for Mike D'Antoni, and his tenure has not found much more success. Nash and Pau Gasol are having their worst seasons in years. Howard has produced but has never gotten comfortable with either Nash or Kobe Bryant, who may be having an excellent year but he has also gotten weird, live tweeting his 81-point performance from years back and playing piano after tough losses.

So what is next for the Lakers, as they try to scrap a run over the last 40 games until the playoffs?

Chris Andersen and Mike Miller performing "Ice Ice Baby" is fantastic

Who ever came up with this idea may be the greatest person alive. For the second year in a row, Heat forward Shane Battier, along with his wife, hosted a kareoke contest for his foundation, the Battier Take Charge Foundation, and the floor was stolen by his teammates Mike Miller and Chris "Birdman" Andersen, who joined the team on Sunday, when they "performed" the classic tune, "Ice Ice Baby." Well why not. Let's go to the videotape.

22 January 2013

Tim Brown and Jerry Rice are full of nonsense saying that Bill Callahan sabotaged Super Bowl XXXVII

Now one of the bigger sports stories that broke out today is a throwback, a throwback to ten years ago and Super Bowl XXXVII. Legendary Raiders wideout, and should-be Hall of Famer, Tim Brown made headlines today with suggesting that Bill Callahan actively tried to lose that game to the Buccaneers. They, of course, got blown out by a 48-21 score. What makes this story even more bizarre is that Brown's former teammate, Jerry Rice, echoed those sentiments today on ESPN. This whole controversy comes about at a weird time, ten years after the fact, and with rumors having it that Callahan, the current offensive coordinator and line coach for the Cowboys, will be taking over playcalling duties in Dallas from coach Jason Garrett.

Personally, I have no idea why Brown is making these comments now and they do come off as ridiculous. Here is why.

21 January 2013

Watch the opening faceoff fights between the Lightning and the Islanders

Is there a better way to start off a hockey game than a fight after the opening faceoff? Well if you are one of those folks who go to an NHL game just for the fights (like going to a NASCAR race for the crashes), you would have loved the opening seconds at the beautiful Nassau Coliseum, as two skirmishes broke out early between the Lightning and the Islanders this afternoon. On one end of the ice, Joe Finley and B.J. Cromdeen. On the other, Matt Martin and Pierre-Cedric Labrie. Let's go to the videotape.

ABC's George Stephanopoulos mistakes Bill Russell for Morgan Freeman

Did not narrate 'March of the Penguins'
The 57th Presidential inauguration was held this morning (I was there) and for some reason, Celtics legend Bill Russell was in attendance. I'm not sure why he was there but it sure was cool to see him. Unfortunately for him, George Stephanopoulos, who was co-anchoring ABC's coverage, had no idea who he was. Let's go to the videotape.

20 January 2013

Super Bowl XLVII: Baltimore Ravens vs. San Francisco 49ers

I hope you like storylines, because Super Bowl XLVII has its fair share of them that will be pummeled into your ears like nothing else. As the San Francisco 49ers, champions of the National Football Conference, and the Baltimore Ravens, champions of the American Football Conference, battle for the Vince Lombardi Trophy in New Orleans in two weeks, we will have a coaching matchup of brothers with Jim Harbaugh on the San Francisco sideline and his older brother John on the Baltimore sideline. If that is not enough for you, we have the storyline of the Super Bowl being the final game in the storied career of future Hall of Fame linebacker Ray Lewis, who will inevitably cry regardless of the outcome. Other storylines include Colin Kaepernick, the 49ers quarterback who took the spot of Alex Smith and never looked back, New Orleans itself, hosting its first Super Bowl since 2002 and the first since Hurricane Katrina, and Phil Simms, how America wonders why he is still calling football games. If that is not enough to get your mother to watch the game, I do not know what will.

Michael Strahan loves himself some 'Call Me Maybe'

In what may surprise precisely nobody, Michael Strahan was caught bobbing his head emphatically while 'Call Me Maybe' was playing in the Georgia Dome late in the first half of the NFC Championship Game. And all the while, Usher was staring intently into space. Let's go to the GIF.