19 January 2013

Watch the incredible ending to Butler's victory over Gonzaga

The Butler did indeed do it again. Boy, what a finish we just saw at Hinkle Fieldhouse on the campus of Butler University. After a travelling violation on Butler guard Alex Barlow turned the ball back over to Gonzaga with 3.5 seconds left on the clock, all the Zags had to do was cleanly inbound the pass and they'd be going to the line to shoot free throws. Well I guess cleanly didn't apply to Gonzaga's David Stockton, indeed the son of John, and his errant pass was picked off by Roosevelt Jones, whose floater went in at the horn as the crowd, and Dick Vitale, went nuts. This has to be seen to be believed, let's go to the videotape.

Could Butler and Gonzaga be Final Four teams?

Hinkle Fieldhouse will be rocking tonight as the Butler Bulldogs, ranked 13th and sitting at 15-2, will host the Bulldogs of Gonzaga, ranked 8th and 17-1 on the year, in the premiere game this evening. Both of these programs have endeared themselves to America as perennial Cinderellas come March and both have been considered to be Cinderellas so much that it has become a cliché. But could we see either team getting to Atlanta come Tournament time?

18 January 2013

Why Bruce Arians is a great fit as head coach of the Cardinals

Going into the 2012 NFL season, I am not so sure that Bruce Arians would be in position for a head coaching job the following offseason. After all, the Steelers let his contract expire and it was thought that his new team, the Colts, would be in position for a long season. But then Colts coach Chuck Pagano was diagnosed with leukemia and Arians became the interim coach of an 1-2 team and he first led the club to an upset victory against the Packers and went 9-3 and until Pagano returned for the season finale. For Arians to lead a team thought to be in transition with rookie quarterback Andrew Luck into the playoffs was damn impressive and thus he will prove to be a great fit as the next coach of the Arizona Cardinals.

2013 NFL Mock Draft: 2nd Edition

Georgia's Jarvis Jones is widely regarded to be one of the elite prospects in this draft this year. In fact, many (including myself) consider him to be the top pick in the draft and there are some that think that Jones could go with the first overall pick. Could that be the case?

Here is my second take at a 2013 NFL Mock Draft.

17 January 2013

Watch Lance Armstrong admit to doping

We knew this day was coming. We knew it was inevitable once he decided to stop fighting charges from the USADA. In the past several days, it was leaked out that Lance Armstrong had apologized to the Livestrong Foundation and that he had indeed confessed to doping during his sit-down interview with Oprah Winfrey. And now what was one of the great heroes in modern sports history has turned out to be nothing more than an arrogant fraud. Let's go to the videotape.

Is Gus Bradley the right coach for the Jacksonville Jaguars?

For those counting, we have the first defensive-minded coaching hire in the offseason with the Jacksonville Jaguars hiring Seahawks defensive coordinator Casey "Gus" Bradley as their new coach. Bradley comes to the River City as a highly regarded defensive coach, but did the Jaguars make a good hire?

Was Manti Te'o duped or was he part of the hoax?

Talk about news that came out of nowhere. Deadspin sent ripples throughout the sports world by breaking the story yesterday that Manti Te'o's dead girlfriend, whose passing on the same day as his grandmother became one of the top stories this year in college football and a key piece of the Notre Dame linebacker's Heisman candidacy, was a hoax and never existed. If the story sounds very bizarre, that's because it is (you should have seen me trying to explain it to my sister).

For his part, both Te'o and Notre Dame maintain that Te'o was a victim of the story while Deadspin's report quoted a source that was "80 percent sure" that Te'o was a part of the hoax. Which will turn out to be true?

16 January 2013

Why Marc Trestman is a good fit for the Bears

Early this morning, the Bears concluded what had been a wide search for the replacement of Lovie Smith as head coach by hiring Marc Trestman, formerly the head coach of the Montrael Alouettes. Yes, the Alouettes of the Canadian Football League. Naturally, there are some skeptical of an NFL team hiring a coach from the CFL but I ultimately this it is a very good fit and here is why.

2013 NFL Playoffs: Conference Championship Picks

There are only four teams left in the fight to get to New Orleans and we will know who will be playing for the Lombardi Trophy after this Sunday. Who will be playing in Super Bowl XLVII? Here are my picks for the NFC and AFC Championship Games.

Chip Kelly will be the next coach of the Philadelphia Eagles

This just in from Chris Mortensen that in a surprise, last-second decision, Oregon head coach Chip Kelly will be the next coach of the Philadelphia Eagles. This decision comes a little more than a week after Kelly announced that he would be staying in Eugene after a late push by Oregon mega-booster Phil Knight to keep Kelly in town. Kelly had been one of the top targets for many teams in the coaching search process, one year after he came very close to becoming the head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

So why would Kelly do an about-face and leave for the NFL and what does this decision mean for Oregon and the Eagles?

15 January 2013

Did the Chargers make a good move in hiring Mike McCoy?

One of the hotter coaching candidates is off the market as Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy was hired today by an AFC West rival, the Chargers. Is this a good hiring and can McCoy be the guy to get Philip Rivers back on track?

2013 ESPN Sunday Night Baseball schedule

Can't wait for the 2013 baseball season? Well, here is further proof that it is right around the corner as ESPN has released its schedule for Sunday Night Baseball, or at least until June as thereon after, save for a pair of weeks in July, ESPN will utilize it's own type of flex scheduling a couple of weeks in advance of airdate. The broadcast booth changes once again with Terry Francona, who was very good last year with Dan Shulman and Orel Hershiser, taking over the Cleveland Indians and John Kruk, who I am not a fan of, taking over his spot. Wish they had just gone with Shulman and Hershiser but alas.

Here's the schedule and note that I will do my best to update it during the season.

Watch Oprah Winfrey discuss her interview with Lance Armstrong

Formerly one of the top heroes of American sport, Lance Armstrong has seen a sharp fall from grace after he admitted in late October that he would stop fighting charges by the United States Anti-Doping Agency that he doped after denying it for over a decade. As we all know, the USADA stripped him of his titles and banned him from cycling for life. Since he decided to stop fighting the charges, it was only a matter of time until he admitted to doping and especially after he agreed to an interview with Oprah Winfrey and it has been reported that Armstrong did admit to using performance-enhancing drugs during their sitdown interview yesterday at his home in Austin, Texas.

Here is Oprah discussing the interview this morning on CBS This Morning.

14 January 2013

Are the Sacramento Kings moving closer to a move to Seattle? UPDATE

The Sacramento Kings have become the vagabonds of the NBA. First, there were those rumors of the club moving to Anaheim almost two years ago. Then there was the reports of a tentative deal to build a new arena in Sacramento last February to keep the Kings in town. Months after that, we had the rumors that the team was on the verge to move to Virginia Beach. None of those things came to pass, further leaving the Kings and their future in limbo.

But then Yahoo Sports's Adrian Wojnarowski broke the news last week that Sacramento's owners, the Maloof family, was about to sell the club to a prospective ownership group led by San Francisco hedge fund manager Chris Hansen (no, not that Chris Hansen) and Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. Wojnarowski reported today that a call between the league and the league's relocation committee revaled the "deal points" on the sale.

So does this all make it a foregone conclusion that basketball will finally return to Seattle? Or will this deal fall apart like the prior deals all have?

2012-13 NHL Season Preview & Predictions

Better late than never, as they saw. We may have missed a little less than half of the 2012-13 NHL season due to that pesky lockout but with the lockout now over, there will be a 48-game season that begins on January 19th with only intraconference play.

Now that we are finally close to some actual hockey in what should be one of the weirder seasons in memory, which team will fight through to win the Stanley Cup? Here is my 2012-13 NHL season preview.