11 January 2013

Is Rob Chudzinski a good hire for the Browns?

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Remember when it was thought that Chip Kelly was all but a signing of a contract away from becoming the next coach of the Cleveland Browns? Those were the days, I guess, but Kelly elected to not take the Cleveland job before returning to Eugene after declining to take the Eagles job. But alas, the Browns have found their man and it is Panthers offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski. This hiring took some by surprise but was it a good hire?

10 January 2013

2013 NFL Mock Draft: 1st Edition

It's that time of year again when the twenty clubs that did not make the NFL Playoffs look ahead to building for next year and beyond and that all starts on April 25 with the 2013 NFL Draft. Thus, here is my first attempt at mocking this year's draft. Where will all the top prospects, including the aptly named Utah defensive tackle Stat Lotulelei, land? Let's take a look.

09 January 2013

Reacting to the 2013 Baseball Hall of Fame vote

Well, we got what we feared in regards to the 2013 Baseball Hall of Fame vote in that no player was elected to Cooperstown this year as nobody got to the 75 percent required of the 569 ballots cast this year by the voting members of the Baseball Writers' Association of America. The two closest to induction were Craig Biggio, who fell 39 votes shy on his first year on the ballot, and Jack Morris, who was 43 votes show on his fourteenth and second-to-last year on the ballot. This is the first year since 1996 that there will not be any inducted into the Hall.

So what does this all mean for the Hall going forward? Here are my reactions to today's vote.

2013 NFL Playoffs: Divisional Picks

The 2013 NFL Playoffs continue to roll on towards New Orleans as we have whittled down the field from twelve teams to eight as we enter the second weekend. This weekend will be fascinating because this is our first glance at the four clubs who had byes to the divisional round. Who will win and advance to the conference championships?

08 January 2013

Watch Tommy Heinsohn's classic rant on Rajon Rondo's suspension

The latest controversy with Rajon Rondo was the news that he was suspended for last night's game against the Knicks for "bumping" a referee. I put bumping in quotations because the contact he made was pretty feeble when you go to the videotape, plus considering that he did . What didn't help matters was that Rondo pretty much blew off the league when they wanted to discuss the matter, supposedly because he felt that it was no matter what he said, the league would come down on him even though he said he was joking. What really makes this story pop is the fact that Danny Ferry, GM of the Hawks, gave video of the incident to a referee, leading to a suspension of his own.

Add all of that together, mix in Tommy Heinsohn's thorough love of the Celtics, leads to a glorious rant that deserves a few "Tommy Points." Let's go to the videotape.

My 2013 Baseball Hall of Fame Ballot

Cooperstown. There is truly nothing else quite like that place. It may sound hokey if one were to describe it as special, but that may seem so to someone who has not made the trek to the Baseball Hall of Fame. Only the game's greatest will end up enshrined in the Hall and thus it is a shame that we have some of the biggest hacks in journalism who get to decide who goes in.

On that note, what players would be on my Hall of Fame ballot were I to have one?

2013 College Football Coaching Carousel: Grading the Hires

We have seen many a program change their head coaches after the conclusion of the 2012 college football campaign, including some of the big names in the sport. Here's my analysis of the hirings for each vacant job.

Yes, Darnell Dockett tried to ask A.J. McCarron's girlfriend to Wingstop

Darnell Dockett, defensive lineman for the Arizona Cardinals, has made some questionable tweets before but he took the gold tonight during the BCS National Championship Game. Presumably on the heels of Brent Musburger getting all creepy on A.J. McCarron's very attractive girlfriend, Dockett appeared to want to take her out via twitter. To a Wingstop. And yes, this actually happened.

07 January 2013

Watch Brent Musburger ogle A.J. McCarron's girlfriend & mother

A.J. McCarron, Alabama quarterback, has himself a very attractive girlfriend and a very attractive mother. Septegenarian Brent Musburger decided to point that out to America in the most uncomfortable way on Monday night. Let's go to the videotape.

What does the end of the NHL lockout mean?

For anybody that considers themselves a fan of the great sport of hockey, Christmas came a couple of weeks late as it was announced early yesterday morning that the NHL and the NHL Players' Association had reached a tentative deal to put an end to the lockout, which was standing at 112 days and counting. Now the deal is not quite official, both sides have to put a vote to it, but it does mean that there will be hockey this year with a truncated regular season of either 50 or 48 games to start at some point next week. Here is what this deal means.

06 January 2013

Is Doug Marrone a good hire for the Bills?

(Cue the Michael Smith narration) What if I told you that the first college coach to go to the NFL this year was not Chip Kelly? Well that is the case as the Buffalo Bills agreed to hire Doug Marrone, formerly the coach at Syracuse, as their new head coach. Marrone was a hot candidate for several jobs, including those in Cleveland, Philadelphia and San Diego but will simply head 150 miles west on the Thruway for his next job.

The Bills are dealing with an anxious fanbase because they have not made the playoffs since 1999, the longest drought in the NFL, and have gone through five different coaches since then. Therefore, is Marrone a good fit for Buffalo?