04 December 2013

The NFL for breakfast? It's coming in 2014

The NFL has announced the London series for the 2014 NFL season with a third game, up from two this year. In Week 4 on September 28th, the Raiders will host the Dolphins. In Week 10, the Jaguars will host the Cowboys. And the big whopper is the Week 8 game between the Lions and the Falcons which, unlike the other two games that will start at the traditional 6 p.m. London time and 1 p.m. Eastern, this one will kick off at 1:30 p.m. London time, meaning an East Coast start of 9:30 a.m. and a West Coast time of 6:30 a.m. Yes, you read that correctly.

Beyond the fantastic development that the NFL will be having a game start when a number of folks will be getting up in the morning (one year after the league had to have a game start in Oakland start at 11:30 Eastern), I wonder what the reactions will be among the fanbases of the Lions and the Falcons that they will have a game air early on Sunday morning. And who will the teams react to having to play a game at a time like that when they are adapting to London time.

The game will be aired on Fox as it is an NFC intraconference showdown and it will be aired nationally. What can one expect to be the ratings for such a contest so early in the morning? We saw the ratings for that Chargers-Raiders late night game be quite low for NFL standards at 2.5 million viewers, can we expect a matchup, which may be a quality game if the Falcons rebound, to do better.

And, for a little bit of inside baseball for those folks that follow sports on TV closely, one can assume that CBS will have the afternoon doubleheader with Fox having regional action that day, or could Fox have the ultra-rare tripleheader that day?

What may be interesting to watch will be the attendance for the game will be. After all, that has to be one of the top reasons why they do that as the games at Wembley Stadium, which have drawn very well, have traditionally started in the evening time across the pond.

All of that said, I do admire the NFL trying to work out a new timeslot for games in London and considering people will always flock to the NFL, this may work out quite well.

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  1. FOX will have the World Series that night. They always have a DH that week so expect them to have the first TH.