20 December 2013

2013 NFL Playoff Projections: Week 16

There are only two weeks remaining in the 2013 NFL season and we have still got plenty to decide, including the races to the bottom with the NFC East, the NFC North, and the second AFC Wild Card. And of course, all sorts of seeding fun to boot. Let's get right to my playoff projections for this week, courtesy as always of the ESPN Playoff Machine.
Playoff Machine Results

Current Playoff Picture
1. Seattle Seahawks (12-2)
2. New Orleans Saints (10-4)
3. Philadelphia Eagles (8-6)
4. Chicago Bears (8-6)
5. Carolina Panthers (10-4)
6. San Francisco 49ers (10-4)

Arizona Cardinals (9-5)
Green Bay Packers (7-6-1)
Detroit Lions (7-7)
Dallas Cowboys (7-7)

Projected Playoff Picture
1. Seattle Seahawks (14-2)
vs. Arizona (W), vs. St. Louis (W)

2. Carolina Panthers (12-4)
vs. New Orleans (W), at Atlanta (W)

3. Chicago Bears (10-6)
at Philadelphia (W), vs. Green Bay (W)

4. Philadelphia Eagles (9-7)
vs. Chicago (L), at Dallas (W)

5. New Orleans Saints (11-5)
at Carolina (L), vs. Tampa Bay (W)

6. San Francisco 49ers (11-5)
vs. Atlanta (W), at Arizona (L)

Arizona Cardinals (10-6)
at Seattle (L), vs. San Francisco (W)

Detroit Lions (8-8)
vs. Giants (W), at Minnesota (L)

Dallas Cowboys (8-8)
at Washington (W), vs. Philadelphia (L)

Green Bay Packers (7-8-1)
vs. Pittsburgh (L), at Chicago (L)

Current Playoff Picture
1. Denver Broncos (11-3)
2. New England Patriots (10-4)
3. Cincinnati Bengals (9-5)
4. Indianapolis Colts (9-5)
5. Kansas City Chiefs (11-3)
6. Baltimore Ravens (8-6)

Miami Dolphins (8-6)
San Diego Chargers (7-7)

Projected Playoff Picture
1. Denver Broncos (13-3)
at Houston (W), at Oakland (W)

2. Cincinnati Bengals (11-5)
vs. Minnesota (W), vs. Baltimore (W)

3. New England Patriots (11-5)
at Baltimore (L), vs. Buffalo (W)

4. Indianapolis Colts (10-6)
at Kansas City (L), vs. Jacksonville (W)

5. Kansas City Chiefs (12-4)
vs. Indianapolis (W), at San Diego (L)

6. Miami Dolphins (10-6)
at Buffalo (W), vs. Jets (W)

Baltimore Ravens (9-7)
vs. New England (W), at Cincinnati (L)

San Diego Chargers (9-7)
vs. Oakland (W), vs. Kansas City (W)


  1. Call me crazy if you want, but my prediction from the start of the season has been Dallas goes undefeated in conference play. Despite how bad Dallas' D has been, I see nothing to change they. They've already beaten Philly n Philly. I don't see them losing to the Eagles at home.

  2. BFLO are you working on Week 17 Dist?

    1. Yes I am, Week 17 is always a little later because the schedule isn't set until Sunday night, when the initial splits come out.

  3. When will week 17 dist be up?