02 September 2013

2013 NFL Predictions: Week 1

Football is back my friends as this Thursday night in Denver, the 2013 NFL season kicks off as the defending Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens will visit the Broncos. There are a bunch of quality games this weekend so let's get right to my inaugural predictions for the season.

2013 Predictions

Thursday, September 5th
Baltimore Ravens vs. Denver Broncos - NBC, 8:30
In a rematch of that classic AFC Divisional matchup that was settled in double overtime with the Ravens coming out on top on the road en route to their Super Bowl title. While I don't foresee another game going into double overtime, I do see Joe Flacco and co. pulling out another victory in the Mile High City as I do not see how the Broncos are going to slow down Baltimore's passing game.
Ravens 31 Broncos 28

Sunday, September 8th
Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. New York Jets - Fox, 1:00
It looks like Geno Smith is going to be the man for the Jets at quarterback, and so you know that former Jet Darrelle Revis and the Tampa Bay secondary is going to be chomping at the bit whenever he drops back to pass. Smith has been pretty underwhelming when he has played and it will be tough for the Jets to run the ball against a fine run defense but besides that, the Jets are in great shape offensively.
Buccaneers 20 Jets 9

Minnesota Vikings vs. Detroit Lions Fox, 1:00
I love the Black and Blue division as much as anybody so this should be a quality game as one side will pound the rock hard with Adrian Peterson and the other one will throw it early and often with Matthew Stafford hitting up Calvin Johnson. Against a weak secondary, Stafford will have plenty of opportunities to hit some deep bombs but he will also struggle to stay off the turf with Jared Allen coming off the edge. Slight edge to Minnesota.
Vikings 23 Lions 21

Seattle Seahawks vs. Carolina Panthers Fox, 1:00
This is a tough game for the Seahawks as it is always tough for any Left Coast club to play an early game in the Eastern Time Zone, as they do in this one in Charlotte. Therefore, it will be a closer game than it probably should be. It also will be close as I expect an improved Cam Newton. However, the Carolina secondary will give up enough big plays in the passing game to prevent them from winning.
Seahawks 34 Panthers 27

Atlanta Falcons vs. New Orleans Saints - Fox, 1:00
One of the more underrated rivalries in football kicks it up a notch with the return of Sean Payton to the sidelines for New Orleans. Considering how beautifully Payton and Drew Brees work together, this will be fun. Both offenses will put up a truckload of yards and points but as I think the Saints have a chip on their shoulder with something to prove, I like them getting a big home win.
Saints 38 Falcons 33

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Jacksonville Jaguars - CBS, 1:00
Something that should surprise no one is that the Jaguars have questions at quarterback and they have been exacerbated by Blaine Gabbert's hairline fracture of his throwing thumb which leaves him in limbo for the opener. The Chiefs have an underrated defense that will be able to exploit whoever is under center and thus the Chiefs will struggle to move the ball. And Alex Smith's Kansas City debut will be made easier by a pitiful Jacksonville pass rush.
Chiefs 17 Jaguars 3

Oakland Raiders vs. Indianapolis Colts CBS, 1:00
As I have said before, this Raiders team is really going to be a mess this year and it does not bode well for them right off the bat. The team is all but forced to go with Terrelle Pryor at quarterback, as his legs are the best hope for this offense to make something happen beyond Darren McFadden. However, his line isn't great and neither are his receivers. The long season starts now and the Colts are my Lock of the Week.
Colts 24 Raiders 0

Miami Dolphins vs. Cleveland Browns - CBS, 1:00
Both of these clubs made extensive (and expensive) acquisitions during the offseason and thus both teams will be looking to show off that they made the correct investments. I have to give a little more edge to the Dolphins as they are more varied offensively and I am not sold that the Browns are strong enough defensively as they convert to a 3-4.
Dolphins 17 Browns 12

New England Patriots vs. Buffalo Bills CBS, 1:00
So it looks like the Bills will be making history by being the first team to start an undrafted rookie in the opener as Washington State product Jeff Tuel will be under center Sunday afternoon. Now Tuel has been decent in preseason action, but let's not kid ourselves here. It turns out that the Bills will be starting E.J. Manuel after all, but it's not like they are throwing in Aaron Rodgers. What will be bigger is that the club is without cornerback Stephon Gilmore, which does not bode well against a guy like Tom Brady.
Patriots 31 Bills 3

Tennessee Titans vs. Pittsburgh Steelers CBS, 1:00
Pittsburgh's running game is not in good shape right now as it looks like to start of the season, Issac Redman will be the bellhorse, something no team should want. A one-dimensional Steeler offense could make them vulnerable against an underrated Tennessee defense but as usual, Mike Tomlin's defense will save the day by forcing Jake Locker to make mistakes.
Steelers 19 Titans 14

Cincinnati Bengals vs. Chicago Bears - CBS, 1:00
This is a ballgame that I could very well see going either way. I do think the Bears will fun to watch and play more wide open offensively under Marc Trestman, a style change that could unleash J.C. Chasez Cutler. However, and unfortunately for him, the offensive line is still in flux and against a strong Cincinnati defensive line, that could be an issue.
Bengals 21 Bears 18

Arizona Cardinals vs. St. Louis Rams Fox, 4:25
The focus of conversation surrounding the Cardinals has generally started with the club finally getting a competent quarterback in Carson Palmer but considering his lack of mobility and a still inconsistent offensive line, it could be a long day against an aggressive offensive line like that of St. Louis. Also, the Rams have the guys to slow down Larry Fitzgerald.
Rams 24 Cardinals 20

Green Bay Packers vs. San Francisco 49ers - Fox, 4:25
Both of these clubs have weakness on their respective defenses that the opposing quarterback should easily take advantage of. For Aaron Rodgers, it is the mediocre cornerback play of San Francisco. For Colin Kaepernick, it is a Packer defense that was absolutely dreadful against the zone read as shown in the playoffs. I think you have to give the slight edge to the Niners as their zone read opens up a can of worms that the Packers will struggle with defensively again.
49ers 30 Packers 28

New York Giants vs. Dallas Cowboys - NBC, 8:30
I think it is safe to say that this is a go-or-go-home kind of season for the supposed "America's Team" in 2013, but I also feel that they are in that position every year. I do think they are poised for a strong debut against the Giants, who are reeling with some injuries and are noted for struggling in their secondary after last season's fiasco. The Romo-Bryant Express will be in full stock and display on Sunday night.
Cowboys 31 Giants 23

Monday, September 9th
Philadelphia Eagles vs. Washington Redskins - ESPN, 7:10
The Eagles have some problems defensively, especially in a completely redone secondary. But for me, there are just so many questions regarding Robert Griffin III that I have I just don't have the confidence in him and them just yet. Plus, I also think that Chip Kelly is going to look to make a big splash early and do some things that nobody will see coming.
Eagles 23 Redskins 17

Houston Texans vs. San Diego Chargers - ESPN, 10:20
Every once in a while, you have a funny little feeling about something. In this case, my hunch is that the Chargers will pull off an upset and take out the Chargers on Monday night. I think that Phil Rivers will come out with a chip on his shoulder and have a huge game. And as we all know, weird things happen late at night.
Chargers 27 Texans 26


  1. BBHavok to B-Flo

    1st read of ur stuff...Can I expect more sound analysis lke this in the weeks to come? Or is this just a random episode of lucid thought not likely to occur again in weeks to follow.
    Won't dissect each pick 'cause..doubt I'll be 100% on my picks either...Do think Oak. is a cesspool...this yrs JAGS...Afraid if JETS suffer beatdowns 1st couple weeks...the wheels come off 3-13 season or worse...don't see Chargers thing...think they should have blown it up...Org. is rotting from inside out. Be watching U Ben...think u got potential(uh oh) please don't disappoint.