23 September 2013

2013 MLB on TBS Postseason Announcers

You probably have not paid attention to TBS' regular season MLB coverage but you know that you will be tuned in as TBS broadcasts a solid chunk of the postseason, including exclusive coverage of the Wild Card games, near-exclusive coverage of the Divisional Series as well as the NLCS. Here are the announcers and the studio folks that will comprise TBS' crew.

Broadcast Crews
Ernie Johnson, Ron Darling, Cal Ripken (Wild Card, LDS, NLCS)
Brian Anderson, Joe Simpson, John Smoltz (Wild Card, LDS)
Dick Stockton, Bob Brenly (LDS)
Don Orsillo, Dennis Eckersley, Buck Martinez (LDS)

Craig Sager, David Aldridge, Matt Winer, Rachel Nichols, Tom Verducci (NLCS only)

Keith Olbermann, Pedro Martinez, Tom Verducci, Dirk Hayhurst (contributor)

For the most part, much of the same as expected, but I think that studio crew is very intriguing. I've already spoken about how much I liked the Olbermann hire and Verducci is pretty good but the Martinez move was a surprise and he really is a wild card as I really do not know what to expect out of him.

As for the crews, TBS is really going hard with three man crews, a tactic that I'm not that much of a fan of, as not that many three man teams are very good.


  1. For all those at B Flo , this web site is splendid. From a journalism standpoint, keep on rocking!!!

  2. Journalistic standpoint , this provides everything a sports enthusiast needs and then some

  3. Your Baseball crew needs help..as in fire them all. Starting w/ studio host Keith Olberman..seriously - that the best you can do? First I heard him, then I saw him - ESPN know about this or are you doing them a favor? As for the NLCS crew..the only one missing is Sir Charles..where's he. Ernie, stick to the NBA. Ron..we can hear you think before you talk. Cal Ripken.. it's over & don't manage. This trio has no game insight, synergy & can't call a game. There is silence unless something happens then Ernie erupts w/ the "play by play"? Craig Sager..see Ernie.

    Ted stick to the NBA w/ sports coverage.

  4. NLCS game 6: Ron Darling shows tremendous bias towards the CARDINALS .... over the dodgers.... it's sickening and very unprofessional!

  5. where is my post re:
    ron darlings bias reporting forther cardinals over the dodgers in game 6 ??
    why not approved and posted here ?