26 August 2013

After tearing his UCL, what is next for Matt Harvey?

One thing you never like to see is when a budding star of a young pitcher suffers through a injury but unfortunately, that is the case in regards to Mets ace and All-Star Game starter Matt Harvey who was diagnosed with a partial tear of his ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) in the elbow on his throwing arm. Although neither have been announced yet, Harvey will all but certainly be out for the rest of the season and will probably require Tommy John surgery. This news has surprised the baseball world and especially those in the Mets organization as well as Harvey himself. So what is next?

Just when the luck seemed to be coming around for the Mets, when they put together an impressive crop of pitchers among their rotation and their farm system, and just when they are able to spend money in the offseason for the first time in years, this happens. It truly is a shame because Harvey developed into one of the top pitchers in all of baseball at the ripe age of 24. It was pretty cool for him to start the All-Star Game in his own building and he drew comparisons to the great Tom Seaver.

And what is unusual about this injury is that Harvey was not aware of any of the typical signs with a ligament tear, with the most common being a pop or a shooting pain. Plus, the Mets have done a very good job of managing Harvey and not overworking him as well as having him skip occasional starts, which the club was planning to do with his next start.

Now I understand that there is that desire to wait out getting surgery, hoping that rest and rehab will bring things back to normal, but it makes much more sense for Harvey to get Tommy John surgery as early as possible. You should not want to take chances with a prized arm like the one that Harvey has got and history has shown that it is very tough for pitchers to come back from such a tear without having surgery.

An injury like this is a shame should it happen to any pitcher, let alone a star in the making like Harvey. Here's to hoping that he could come back from this better than ever.

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