17 July 2013

What will Clay Travis bring to the FOX College Football studio?

Let's be frank, Fox's studio crew in their debut of college football coverage this past year was underwhelming at best. Erin Andrews was nothing special as the host, and save for this piece of television magic, analysts Eddie George and Joey Harrington brought little to the table. So the folks over at Fox Sports, ahead of the much-anticipated debut of Fox Sports 1 as well as that network launching a pregame show directly competing with ESPN's College Gameday, decided to mix it up with their studio crew. Andrews and George will return, and while there are still three names yet to be determined, the hiring of the popular and controversial proprietor of Outkick the Coverage and host of 3HL on WGFX in Nashville, Clay Travis.

There is no question that Travis is a polarizing figure on his website and on his radio show, including infamously writing a column for the late Fanhouse about how Andrews's looks are what got her on TV in the wake of the peephole video fallout. He has built himself on never being afraid to voice a controversial opinion, a personality that has gotten him plenty of page-clicks as well as radio listeners but also his fair share of enemies on message boards (I wish I could say the same).

But the former lawyer in the Virgin Islands (thank you, Wikipedia) could be to Fox's studio program what Bill Simmons was to ESPN's NBA studio program, and boy do we know that some people hate Simmons. Travis and his knowledge of college football is similar to Simmons and his knowledge of the Association and we know how Simmons brought a new edge to an awful studio program, so could Travis do the same thing for the Fox program?

It appears that Travis will focus his analysis on the SEC, which makes sense considering that is his bread-and-butter and the basis of his site. Now we do not know how Travis will be as a television personality, he could be a mess or he could be solid a la Simmons, but it is clear that he will help bring some attention to a fledgling program as it attempts to take on the most popular studio program this side of TNT. And personally, as a fan of Travis's work, I think he will do well.

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