24 July 2013

2013 Fox College Football Announcers

Fox's college football coverage, ahead of the much-ballyhooed debut of Fox Sports 1 next month and the second season of college football on the Fox network, is under a fair amount of changes to its broadcast teams as well as in the studio. Let's take a look at the announcing corps for the Fox Sports consortium this year.

As has been announced before, Fox will be airing a two-hour pregame show that will directly compete with ESPN's College Gameday. This program will be hosted by Erin Andrews, and she will be joined by analysts Eddie George, Joel Klatt and Petros Padadakis as well as contributor Clay Travis and rules analyst Mike Pereira. It will be awfully tough for this crew to compete with Gameday, especially early on, and Andrews is going to have to up her hosting game but I think she is a better fit for this format than the more highlights focused pregame show in the evening (more on that later). I like Papadakis a lot and I think he is better in studio than at games, while Klatt is solid and George is hit-or-miss. As I've written before, Travis is the true wild card but could bring some edge and mix it up with this crew.

The primetime games on Fox will be preceded by a half-hour pregame show that will be hosted by Rob Stone, who is replacing Andrews. I think that is a very good move because Stone is a pretty underrated studio host, and he is better suited for that format than is Andrews. He will be joined by George and Klatt.

Stone is also hosting the studio coverage for the Thursday night slate of games on FS1 with Coy Wire and Ryan Nece, neither of whom I have seen much of to pass judgment. Stone and Wire will also work the halftime and bridge shows on Saturday afternoon with either George, Klatt or Papadakis. The solid Patrick O'Neal will do game breaks during the network coverage.

As for the broadcast teams, the lead crew of Gus Johnson and Charles Davis returns and they will be joined on the sidelines by Kristina Pink. Johnson is not for everyone, and he does seem to not focus as much when the action is not exciting, but few bring the energy he does. I have always been a fan of Davis and he is quite good in my opinion.

Other crews include Craig Bolerjack, who is awful, teaming up with Joey Harrington and Nece on the sidelines, the underrated Justin Kutcher with the very energetic James Bates with Brady Poppinga on the sidelines and Adam Alexander, who you may recognize from NASCAR coverage on SPEED and TNT, and Chris Simms. Kutcher will also work the Thursday games with Klatt and Papadakis with Pink on the sidelines.

Here is out the crews break down:

Announcers - Fox
Gus Johnson, Charles Davis, Kristina Pink

Fox Sports 1 (Saturday)
Craig Bolerjack, Joey Harrington, Ryan Nece
Justin Kutcher, James Bates, Brady Poppinga
Adam Alexander, Chris Simms

Fox Sports 1 (Thursday)
Justin Kutcher, Joel Klatt, Petros Papadakis, Kristina Pink

Studio - Fox College Saturday
Erin Andrews, Eddie George, Joel Klatt, Petros Papadakis, Clay Travis, Mike Pereira

FS1 Afternoon
Rob Stone, Coy Wire, Eddie George/Joel Klatt/Petros Papadakis

Fox Pregame
Rob Stone, Eddie George, Joel Klatt

Robert O'Neal

FS1 Thursday
Rob Stone, Coy Wire, Ryan Nece

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