19 June 2013

Will the Spurs or Heat claim the NBA title in Game 7?

Let's be honest, it will be damn tough for games to be much better than what we saw on Tuesday night in Miami in Game 6. A game that saw the Heat rally to take a three-point lead late, only for the Spurs to fight back with Tony Parker scoring five straight points including that epic threeball to tie it and the club all of a sudden was up five with 28 seconds left. Even as the league was preparing to set up for a Spurs victory celebration, the Heat were able to force overtime with a clutch three by LeBron James and then an insane three to tie it by Ray Allen set up by a key rebound by Chris Bosh. And then when Bosh stuffed Danny Green in overtime, we had a Game 7.

Now the 2012-13 NBA season is coming down to one game on Thursday night. Who will come out on top?
If you are the San Antonio Spurs, how in the world do you come back for a Game 7 after coming so close to claiming the title this past evening? They were even beginning to prepare the court and the sidelines for the trophy presentation and the celebration as I mentioned in the open. If you can taste the wine of victory, only to have it snatched away from you, can you adequately come back and give it your all one more time?

Also, it is important to note that in the history of the NBA Finals, no home club has ever won Game 6 and then lost the next one. And not only that, this is a Heat club that just about never loses at home (even with that "electric" home atmosphere), and especially not when the game is of mass importance. After all, just look at that Indiana series.

I am going to be honest, I really do not see a way in which the Spurs end up as NBA champions. The Heat are not a club you want to be facing on the road with the momentum to decide the title, they are a team that you kill off when given the opportunity. The Spurs did not do that, and they are going to pay.

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