10 June 2013

Why the Patriots are a good fit for Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow, remember that guy? Well, he is finally getting that chance that he has been craving as he is going to sign with the New England Patriots, as reported by my friend Ed Werder. He is being signed as a quarterback and will participate in the club's minicamp action tomorrow. Tebow has been looking for a club since being released by the New York Jets back in April but had been left without any offers, save to potentially work as a TV analyst.

Is this a good move by New England? Is it a publicity stunt? Is it both? Is it neither? Personally, I really like the move and here is why.

First off, I honestly do not get why Tebow has struggled to get offers. Yes, the media attention can be overwhelming, but would it really be an issue for a strong organization that is set at quarterback? In other words, not the Jets? Also, I refuse to buy this prevailing notion that Tebow cannot play. Let's not forget that just two years ago, he took over a 1-5 team, took them to the playoffs and upset the defending AFC Champions with a great throw to Demaryious Thomas. Just because he didn't play last year should not erase that, I mean, the Jets are not a competent organization as shown by how much rope they gave Mark Sanchez.

And the Patriots are a perfect organization for him. For one, they can handle the media attention as well as anybody in the league. It also is a club that has an elite quarterback in Tom Brady, who will never lose the starting job, no matter what. And we know that Bill Belichick is a creative coach that has never been afraid to mix it up.

Now provided he make the club, which is no guarantee, Tebow can fill a variety of roles. He probably will never see action under center, barring something shocking, but he can be a short yardage back or an H-back with Rob Gronkowski out. Yes he has awful hands, but nobody was confusing Mike Vrabel with Troy Brown with his hands work. He should also see some action in a variety of roles on special teams.

Another important reason why I like the move is considering who the offensive coordinator is, Mr. Josh McDaniels. He is also known as the guy who shocked many by taking Tebow in the first round of the 2010 draft. That built-in familiarity with the playcaller certainly does not hurt.

But above all else, Tebow has a massive chip on his shoulder, and a work ethic stronger than most. He is not that guy who will accept failure amid hardship, and I think that will make waves with Belichick. Color me intriguied.

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